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Creating a Business on Purpose

How many of us can truly say that we are living a life of purpose?

Purpose is more than meaning.

We can create meaning in our lives relatively easily, we can take meaningful action every day, we can contribute to the greater scheme. But living on purpose is a whole different level.

Soul purpose is the individual and collective meaning of existence. Following our purpose rather than focusing on surviving is the path to creating beauty and connection in the world. It is the creation of what our souls desire to create. Every person who follows the clues to their purpose is helping to unfold the meaning of existence for us all.

It’s no wonder that finding our purpose is one of the greatest unknowns in the human experience. The feeling that there is more than this, there is more of me to be seen and the need for certainty about “my purpose” opens up the great quest of life.

Here’s what I know about purpose.

When you are in the throes of life, getting clarity on your purpose is near impossible.

Clarity comes from objectivity. When you are down and dirty with the details, your purpose will quietly pass you by.

Purpose rarely shows itself with a single lightning bolt. It is a gradual accumulation of clues shared through lived experiences, desires and unexplained pulls into unknown territory. The tapestry of our life builds up richness and depth but we cannot see the whole picture because we are standing too close.

If we simply stepped back, we would be able to see how each individual part is forming the whole and showing us the unique path of purpose that is open to us. But we won’t take that step unless we have someone to draw us back.

Because we cannot see that this is what we need to do.

We may spend a lifetime in search of clarity and never find it unless we have a guiding hand to walk us out to where we can see what was in front of us all along.
A life without purpose has frustration and discontent as regular themes. It leaves us feeling that our light is dimmed. It has us focusing on what we can do and maybe even be good at but not what we excel at, not what is truly possible for us. We find outlets for our creative expression through hobbies and interests, Or we numb it out with behaviours and activities that are destructive.

Giving ourselves permission to follow our purpose can feel selfish. Social conditioning has done a good job of making us feel guilty if we are not putting everyone and everything ahead of our own interests.

Following our purpose is far from selfish. It is a generous gift to the world.

Creating what you came here to create is your gift to the world and to yourself as part of the world.

For many in search of their purpose, the calling to create their own business is a natural progression. Starting a business based in passion is a growing dynamic for the entrepreneurial world. More and more businesses are being created that flow from a desire to follow a unique path. But it doesn’t make articulating the purpose any easier.

There is still a tonne of business conditioning to break through in order to create from purpose first and foremost.

My clients come to me when they can feel that there is so much more waiting to be expressed and they lack the clarity to see the direction of travel. They have got so caught up in the details of their businesses that their connection to the vision has dissipated. The pattern in life, is repeated in business.

They look for clues in the mechanics of business and how to make it work, which simply leads them further away from the truth. Instead they need to take that step back and ask – what needs to be created? What am I here to create?

We simply aren’t taught to do this work.

We are taught to focus on the details and hustle.

When all along we needed to do the opposite.

Deconstructing this conditioning by stripping businesses back to their essence is a foundational piece of my Energetics Code.

Zoning in on the true energy of a business let’s all that isn’t true or right for each individual business to simply fall away. It’s a liberating process but it is also one that takes courage to implement.

Trusting your gut and building a business on it take phenomenal inner authority. You cannot fail to realise, as you take those first steps, that you are changing the societal foundations of business. You are pushing the boundaries of what can be done and changing the tapestry of life for all. Every business that is built from passion is shifting the whole of society to see that business is the pathway to connecting with ourselves and others. It is the path that brings us together.

To do this work requires you to step out as a leader of global change. The energy of your business – no matter how big or small – changes the environment for all when it is built on purpose.

Living your purpose through business is sacred creativity. It is insanely innovative and limit breaking. It will change the world.

This is your cue to step back, take a good look and begin to create what you are here to create. The world is waiting for you.

To find the hand waiting to guide you, book a call to discuss how the Energetics Code can transform your business through purpose, passion and energy. 

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