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Your business has the potential to be bigger, bolder and more expansive than you can imagine.

This I know for certain.

But for as long as you are thinking your business into reality, you will be holding it back.

You won’t shift into the full potential until you feel the energy of your business.

We have moved beyond a time when we can get by using our intellects to create a business. We have to come from a different place now because the business of the future is about transformation and that begins with energy.

What is the energy of your business?

We know that everything is energy. Physics tells us that this is the reality we experience every day.

All matter is energy. All thoughts are energy. We are energy.

Our lives are energy – relationships, actions, routines, and behaviours – all energy.  Whenever one part of our life changes, maybe breaking a thought pattern for example, we create a shift in the energy, a shift that we can feel.

It is the same for our business.

It is energy.

When we conceive of our business we create the energetic signature. It is created in that pure moment of inspiration. In that flash, you felt the real potential of it and you brought that energy into existence.

You created the energetic signature of your business

You then parked the energy and got to work on deconstructing it through logical thought, systems, blueprints, strategies and action plans. That’s what we have all been taught to do. It is the accepted path and protocol. But it is out of kilter with what is needed now.

There is an alternative where the energy you brought into existence can inform the how and the what to create from a completely clean slate and deliver exactly what is needed and only what is needed.

That alternative is Energetics.

Energetics are the multiple layers of energy that run through our businesses and play with our own energies. They have form, resonance and frequency that is 100% unique and offer a completely new way to interpret, translate and create.

Every part of our business has a unique energetic frequency - vision, purpose, actions, communications, individual services, journeys etc – these interact with your energy to create a mosaic that has a harmonic that no one else can replicate. This is why every business truly is a one-off. And if we shift our perspective, we can shift the energy of our business through this harmonic. A simple shift in self-belief, for example, can radically shift the dynamic of your whole business.

Everything is energy. It’s time we began to work with it.


Working with Energetics

Energetics are layers. Like an artist creating a painting, first comes the sketch and then the layers of paint build until the picture is whole. Business Energetics begin with you - the creator of your business. Getting to know your own energetic frequency and soul voice is an inescapable and essential foundation for creating a transformative business.

Your business is an expression of your purpose. Your life journey is full of clues as to how this can be translated through business. All that you have experienced and witnessed gives you a perspective and approach to situations that cannot be replicated. It is through this lens that the energy of your business needs to be experienced.

Each aspect of your business is its own energy. The overarching container of your business energy is subtly influenced by the energy of your vision, the journey you are creating, the services you offer and the way in which you connect to your audience and deliver transformation.

Each aspect is another layer that adapts the expression of the energy. But it must be explored through your lens because it is your unique interpretation that gives it life.

No one else can access this for you. Only you can access the delicately nuanced and finely balanced energy of your business.

Connecting and Interpreting the Energy

Connecting to the energy of your business is a journey. There is no one exercise that will bring a full 360 degree view to your awareness. Every journey has to start somewhere and you can begin you journey with energetics in the simplest of ways.

Allow yourself a little time and peace to get really still. Focus on your breathing until you are calm and in the moment. When you feel ready, ask the energy of your business to show itself to you.

Trust what you see, feel or know. It will show up in some way for you. Relax and let it come to you.

It may be subtle or dramatic – whatever it is, it will surprise you.

Once you let the energy into your awareness, you will see it in many ways and forms and it will continue to surprise you.

Pay attention to how you feel. This is the difference with Energetics. Building a business based on energy means feeling rather than thinking at this stage. Translating the energy is where we move into the realms of our minds, right now you need to feel the energy in your body.

When we allow the energy to move from our body, specifically our hearts, into our heads then we translate the thoughts of our hearts. We lead with soul.
When you allow your head to translate the messages of the heart, it feels good. When we try it the other way around, imposing logic on our hearts, it doesn’t feel good. Try it and see for yourself. As a translator of our heart, our head has infinite powers of creativity that are sympathetic with our purpose and energy.

The energy you feel will give you clues as to how to show up, design your business and communicate it. Being consciously aware of the energy of each layer will bring a level of alchemy to your business that will delight you at every turn. Innovation and limitless creativity are yours for the asking.

Are you asking?

Click here to join me on your bespoke Energetics adventure. 


The business of the future is transformation

It begins with energy

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