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Creating a business brings just about every entrepreneur face to face with a huge challenge.


Creating, accepting it, asking for it, receiving it.

Suddenly we discover some deeply rooted money and wealth issues that we never knew were there.

There’s a lot of internal work to do so you can lead a thriving business.

Understandably there is a need for a lot of support around money mindset and wealth creation on a personal level. It’s important work for all of us.

Have you considered if your business also needs support to receive?

As your personal desires and intentions for money manifestation involve your business, it needs to be in a position to receive too.

Your business is energy. An energy that flows in a rhythm of giving and receiving. Too often entrepreneurs give way more than they receive. Over giving rather than over delivering is a real problem for many. A knee jerk reaction to redress the balance is to hike up your prices. Too often those prices are not energetically aligned to what is being given and so you will fall out of balance again.

Over giving rather than over delivering is a real problem

Your business activities need to be aligned to the energy of your business to open up its ability to receive. The types of activities you run and how you run them, how you price them, the speed of delivery – these are all examples of how your actions need to align to the energy in order for you to receive through your business.

Energy needs to be expressed creatively. If we ignore that expression by bottling it up, the chances are it will explode and not in a good way. If we apply it to something that it doesn’t belong to, it will dissipate. Either way, your business won’t be receiving what it is designed to receive.

And the infrastructure needs to be in place to bring the best of you to the business. There’s little point in trying to quadruple your income if it means quadrupling your input and draining all your energy. The business model has to suit your energy and the energy of the business to keep that channel open. Intentional design keeps the energy flowing and opens the channel to receive.

As we work on our own ability to receive, it is critical that we give equal attention to our business’s ability to receive. Regularly checking that the focus and activities are fully aligned with the energy of your business will help to open the channel of receiving to match the channel of giving.

Energetic alignment and intentional design are absolute essentials for business in the future. To experience the difference this makes to your business and its ability to receive, book a call to explore your adventure into Business Energetics.

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