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Weaving the Thread

 Inside each of us, there is so much going on.

We are here for a reason. We have a purpose.

A whirlwind of thoughts, feelings, perceptions swirls though... We are complex beings. Beyond this whirlwind, is a sense or knowing of what we are really creating – one that often defies words.

This is the energy of purpose making itself known.

When your business is the vehicle of delivering your purpose, the greatest challenge is translating this in a way that can be received by anyone and everyone outside of your skin.

Family, friends, clients, connections – it doesn’t really matter who we are translating for, it simply matters that we access a way to translate. The relevance of our purpose is much more than the relevance to ourselves, it is the relevance in the grand scheme of life for all.

For some, it will be highly relevant, for others not at all but it is equally valid and needed for the collective journey.

The energy of your purpose needs translating into a form that becomes contextual for others. Translation allows others to see how what you do fits into a multitude of existences that are viewed from a multitude of unique perspectives.

This is where our head typically takes over and converts our purpose into a way of meeting a specific set of needs that belong to an energy outside of ourselves.

This is where the thread is lost.

It isn’t about matching our energy of purpose to the needs of other – bending it into a new form – it is showing how the energy is relevant in context.

It’s a subtle distinction but one that makes all the difference.

For your purpose to be seen as relevant, your focus needs to be on the role of your energy in transformation. Everyone is experiencing a unique journey of life, your energy is a key catalyst at a specific point in that journey. Unless you are bringing the core form of that energy to the journey you are distorting both your journey and the journey of others who experience that energy.

You are the bridge

You are the bridge from your perspective and understanding to the understanding of a myriad of human beings who need to be able to interpret your role in their world.

What is your energy unlocking in others?
What is your energy unlocking in you?

These simple questions put you on the path of translation.

To follow the path, book a call for your next step.

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