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Lost in Translation

As perceptions and understandings change, themes regularly pop up to be revisited in the online world.

One such theme recently has been:

Sell them what they want, give them what they need

For many it feels dishonest or lacking in integrity. It implies deceiving.

I think it is simply missing the point.

And it’s coming up because it is old thinking and old energy that is no longer relevant but ingrained in our collective business mentality. It’s time for a fresh look.

Each of us has a unique purpose and ability to serve. It is born of many things including our energy, personality, experience and style. When we work with what we have, we find that there is a unique solution and experience that we can catalyse in a way that no one else can. When you follow the clues of your internal guidance, you will find that you shine and excel at your thing. This is what you are here to do. And no one else can do it.

If we choose to ignore it, we fight against it.

Enjoying business means bringing what only we can. Does that leave our future clients out in the cold? Not at all.

It’s a question of translation.

And for the most part the fine line between selling what people want and giving them what they need is where the translation gets lost.

Everyone is on a journey. And, at some point in that journey, your potential clients will reach a point where what they want next is exactly what you can help them with BUT they won’t see it from your perspective because there is only one of you – your perspective is unique.

You have to help them see it from your point of view, which involves translating your view of the situation into one that meets them where they are at.

Show them another way of looking at the problem they know about, that will throw light on parts of the problem they haven’t yet considered. When they have seen this angle, show them another. This way you are translating what they want into an understanding of what they need. And they are in control of their own choices about the next steps.

The translation takes place through a journey of awakening understanding.

People have to be able to receive what you can share with them. Giving them what they need before they can understand, appreciate and accept it doesn’t help them because they won’t act on what you share with them. And it doesn’t help you because your business won’t evolve. You will be stuck right at the beginning trying to make the first piece of the puzzle slot into place.

This journey doesn’t happen instantaneously. And it requires strategy to make the journey happen.

Understanding the whole journey of your potential client and your part in that journey (which is just one small part of their overall journey of growth) is where that strategy begins. Knowing how joining forces can change the course of the journey is critical. But most important of all is being clear on the impact of your partnership with a client. This is where you untangle the web of needs and wants. Where you bring integrity transparency and trust. And how you stop yourself from being lost in translation.

I dive into the journey of awakening understanding in my Energetics Masterclass series which can be found here. The 2019 Masterclasses will continue to expand the Energetic Marketing™ code and bring a new perspective to our collective thinking. Because it is time and it is needed.

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