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Flipping the Script

The rise of Carbon Copy Syndrome cannot have escaped the attention of any online entrepreneur. Its relentless advance has been merciless.

The last few years have seen an unmissable wave of promises to “fix” a problem using exact methodology. When the problem is persistent or unfathomable those offers can seem like a life line to a better future.

Who doesn’t want to solve the problem that is keeping them up at night?

The promise of the solution is powerful. But this is one promise that cannot be kept.

Yes, you will find value in these offers but you may have to dig for it and you may also hit the wall of frustration because the pieces don’t quite fit.

The massive growth in the coaching and self-development industry in the last few years has fundamentally grown out of individuals working on themselves, finding solutions to their problems, learning and growing. When they finally have it cracked (or feel they have) then they believe that they have something truly valuable to offer others. And, more often than not, they do.

Sharing your lessons and helping others to learn from your journey is part of living your purpose and creating transformation.

The problem appears when fixed thinking determines that because it worked for me, it WILL work for you. And that thinking is still rampant.

When the essence of self-discovery becomes distilled down to mechanical steps, that must be taken in the right order to succeed, the real reason those steps got results in the first places gets lost.

Behind those steps was unique, individuated energy.

Each one of us sees, senses, learns, communicates, works, interprets, problem solves ... in a completely unique way. Our energy is unique and our energy does not come from steps or systems – it comes from the spirit within.

We are human and we are infinitely nuanced. In my world, that’s something to be celebrated and embraced.

The belief that one approach can and will work for everyone and anyone is inherently flawed and doomed. But to consign Carbon Copy Syndrome to the history books is going to take a shift in consciousness on all sides of the fence.

The end is coming, the tide has turned. There is less tolerance and credibility given to such claims. But the transition to a new way of thinking and doing business is probably not going to be pretty. There are going to be some growing pains.

Right now, I am observing a variation of Carbon Copy Syndrome raising its head. I am witnessing more and more people sharing their views, opinions and “truth” (as we all have the power to do) but doing so to exclude anyone who disagrees or questions.

Instead of carbon copy systems, the focus has moved to attracting people who think and act as a carbon copy. Like attracting like. There is an apparent pull towards creating communities who hold the same beliefs, approaches and intolerances.

The exclusion of different perspectives in this was is simply another variation of the fixed thinking about self and others that is already being questioned.

My personal view is that we need to be challenged and questioned because it is where we have the potential to grow – just as challenging and questioning our clients helps them to grow. It isn’t a one-way relationship. Surrounding yourself only with people who agree with you is a very efficient way to restrict individual and collective potential.

Growing pains such as these will continue to come into play but we can all play a part in transitioning through the growth more swiftly by allowing our own journey with each of our clients to unfold on its own terms.

Accept that everyone will experience a different transformation, will learn a different skill or zone in on a different aspect of information.

Everyone will interpret what you have to share in their own way and they may gain something that you could not even anticipate.

Everyone will share something with you that will enrich your perspective and bring greater expansion to you as an individual. Surely this should be celebrated at every possible opportunity?

As more and more people open up themselves to this way of working, the hold of Carbon Copy Syndrome in all its forms will loosen and fade. We will be able to celebrate our uniqueness and innovate from our hearts rather than our heads. And we will all be the richer for it.

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