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Mechanics or Magic

The stereotype is as old as the hills.

A doctor goes to a party and the moment their profession is discovered they will be cornered for a diagnosis of some peculiar physical concern.

As the digital age becomes increasingly embedded in our lives, there is a new stereotype emerging for us marketers who dare to mention their profession in social settings. We get cornered about digital ailments.

“Why isn’t my website converting?” or “How do I get to number 1 on Google?” are common questions.

And the same as a doctor, we both know there could be 101 underlying reasons and factors to consider.

But I do have an advantage over the besieged doctor because as with all marketing problems, there will be one incredibly common denominator.

We are so focused on the mechanics that the most important factor is completely overlooked.

Marketing is fuelled by essence and energy.

Marketing is the essence of what we share with the energy of creating change not the tools we use to do that. It is this focus on the mechanics that is the common denominator.

Marketing is not an email sequence.

It is not an SEO strategy.

It is not an advert.

Marketing is creativity, innovation and connection that catalyses transformation.

We get so contained by the fragmented and disconnected focus on mechanics that we forget how this journey began and how it is connected to that energy.

When I talk to a client and ask them their vision for their business and they say “I want to be a thought leader” my response is “to what end?” or to “I want to create a 6 figure business” I will respond “why?”

We don’t go into business to be in business.

We go into business to achieve a dream, realise a vision, transform our lives and the lives of those we support through our business.

And the gap between where we are now and where we want to get to gets filled with technical details and processes and systems and more to such an extent that there is no space to remain connected to the vision or the dream. And there is no space to see the transformation.

And when that happens, we lose ourselves. We lose ourselves in a rough sea of constantly changing algorithms, funnels, sales targets and list building with no idea how it all fits together or what it is really achieving beyond ROI.

But what is the ROI on your vision?

Can you see this?

This endless focus on the mechanics disconnects us from our core.

This is why marketing means something so different to me.

For me, marketing is magic.

The magic of reconnecting to that core essence and purpose so my clients can truly sing their song.

I created and use a model that anchors every thought, idea and activity in that core. It creates space for expansion whilst focusing deeply on the specifics – not of list building, but the specifics of transformation. It’s all about creation, experience and the power of the journey.

There is a lot to master in setting up, running and growing your business. There are a whole host of mechanics to conquer. And they are important , they have a vital role to play in delivering your vision. They are the tools of the trade but they are not the design or the vision or the energy.

And you can only really know which the right tools are if the true magic of your business is at the heart of everything you do.

Many of my clients come to me feeling at sea with how to grow their businesses and talk about them. They have latched onto tactics to try and gain that all important traction. Throwing themselves wholeheartedly into learning about SEO or algorithms in the hope of finding the key to success. And it hasn’t had any real impact.

Because the focus on the mechanics has erased the magic.

The mechanics of marketing come well down the line. They come into play when the essence of your business is given a life of its own and reaches out to them naturally to come into play.

The mechanics are way simpler and easier to navigate when you start at the beginning – with who you are and how you express yourself through your business.
This is where the true magic lives and it wants to be set free to express itself.

If you bump into me at a party and ask me about why your Facebook ads are getting less than desired results, don’t expect me to give you the answer you were looking for – that’s there is a simple tweak that will fix everything. But I will give you the answer you need.

Start with you and the magic will follow.

If you are ready to begin and the beginning and focus on the magic of your business, Energetic Marketing will give you the freedom to create on your own terms. Book an exploration call to find out more and see how it can transform your marketing.

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