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Hearts Minds

The human mind is an extraordinary creation.

The power of the imagination to conceive and create is staggering.

Combined it with the power of the heart and we have a force of potentially unthinkable magnitude.

The potential for innovation, creativity, compassion and understanding is beyond our conscious knowing.

As an entrepreneur, you have desire to create change and progress. Humankind has always known the imperative of winning the hearts and minds to achieve this goal.

Entrepreneurship is booming. Often what is not consciously understood or enacted is that to be an entrepreneur is to be a leader.

A leader of ideas, action and meaningful human connection. To share the power of your vision of change – in whatever way that comes forward – and to bring others into action alongside you.

Entrepreneurship is a state of mind and a way of making the money to live life and follow the dream. Sales are, of course, a prerequisite for any form of financially viable entrepreneurial activity.

And sales? They need sales copy.

Copy that connects deeply with the audience and moves them to a place where they will take action.

Sales copy is leadership.

And, in the online entrepreneurial world it follows this formula...

“Imagine if...”
“Imagine what it would feel like if...”

I must have seen and heard this phrase hundreds of times. And every time it riles me.

It isn’t the overused cliché that drives me nuts.

It’s the impact of “imagine if” that has me banging me head on my desk in frustration.

When you are asked to imagine – you immediately disappear into the largely unmapped world of your own mind. Of your own imagination, with your own filters and experiences to influence your thoughts.

When you ask your audience to “imagine if..” you send them away to become lost in their own imaginings, paint their own picture, tell their own story and fill it with distractions that keep them from hearing what you need them to hear.

You lose your power to call them back.

You want them in your energy to hear and see your message. Why would you ask them to step away from what you are saying and go into their own imagination?

“Imagine if” is a clumsy attempt to invoke an emotional response and create connection. But what great orator or writer ever said “Imagine if...”.

How would Martin Luther King’s speech been received had he said: “Imagine if one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed”.

It not only loses impact, it also loses something else. It loses the connection to possibility and belief that comes from being led outside our own boundaries.
We need leaders to show us the way. To show us the possibilities.

Leaders ask their audience to take the leap into imagination with them, to join forces in an exploration of potential. They tell a story that draws their audience in – into their energy where they can guide them and show them what is important.

Stories have purpose and direction. They paint a rich picture and ask you to step into it to see the world from a different perspective.

A sales page is no different. It’s your chance to ask your audience to join your tour, to gaze at the highlights and take in their wonders while you create the context and walk them through the highlights and attractions.

“Imagine if”, and many other prolific “if” questions, rile me because they deny your potential.

You are a leader.

Bring people into your energy and lead them through a story, a journey, an experience. Be their guide and mentor, motivate and inspire, challenge and stretch them to reach their true potential.

Take your community by the hand and lead them. Create an experience that empowers them to feel and see what can be from a different perspective.

Be the potent leader you are – right here, right now.

This is the true purpose of a sales page.

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