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Being a conscious entrepreneur means you care what you do and how you do it. 

You have soul and passion. You have a vision of creating change and transformation through a business that shares your magic and reflects your energy.

You want to connect with your community in ways that flow and light you up, you want to deliver in ways that empower you and above all you want to break free from the conventions of "expected" models and systems so that you can truly be yourself. 

And you can by following your Golden Thread.

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Your Golden Thread is the flow of your energy from your core - the centre of your power - out through every aspect of your business to bring your magic to your community and clients. 

Your Golden Thread is all about energetics and weaving your energy through the design, creation and delivery of your business. You get to leave behind the clumsy and clunky conventional approaches and develop your own energetically aligned, soul designed blueprint to deliver the three core elements of energetic marketing.

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 Embody your vision through the creation of transformative and expansive experiences that light up your soul clients.

Inspiration and ideas are abundant but until that inspiration is connected into a journey and experience for both you and your community it cannot embody your vision. 

Creation is about turning your vision into a reality using a simple process of energetic journey design - creating pathways and experiences that expand potential for your community, your soul clients and your business. 

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Expression is the truth of your essence being shared in ways that spark possibility and opportunity within your community. Without expression, there can be no connection and without true expression, possibility is denied.

Expression of your core essence and vision is the key to powerful impact for your community and powerful growth for your business.


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Connection is the energy of community.

To create impact your energy needs a space of exploration and interaction. A place where the combined energy of you and your community combines to create its own dynamics and momentum. Your community is a pivotal part of your marketing strategy and it can be whatever you want it to be and whatever it needs to become.

The Golden Thread 1:1 Programme

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The Golden Thread is a 12-week experience through which we will create a unique blueprint to expand your reach and impact using the 3 core elements of energetic marketing. You will discover the freedom of creating from your core and the ability to embody your essence and take action through being.

The whole programme is custom fitted to your individual needs and goals, going deep into who you are, your unique style of connection and your true essence and purpose.

Over the 12 weeks you will receive:

  • 3 bonus elements to reveal and define your true essence. We will create an Essence Map that creates a visual and powerful foundation for your future. We will define your energy map to work with your natural strengths and your rhythm. And we will complete a full elemental assessment to determine the unique balance of influence of the 4 elements on your style and approach.
  • 6 marketing and business deep dive sessions to guide you through the 3 core elements of energetic marketing and create your unique blueprint for the future. 
  • Bi-weekly accountability check-ins
  • Full email support

Testimonials Strada III Crop Transparent

"Polly gets to the heart of your business and helps you get clear on what marketing works for you. She's intuitive and unique - connecting the dots between your values, your messaging and your worth."

Jaelithe Leigh Brown

"Your approach is such a breath of fresh air"

Emily Jean

"You have helped me to overcome my resistance by honoring my unique optimum flow of creative energy and encouraging me to create my own personal approach that feels open enough to contain what I do yet structured enough to allow for momentum building."

Sama Morningstar

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The Golden Thread is a unique approach that redefines marketing and changes the way you do business.

Ready to follow your Golden Thread?

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The 12-week experience is £3,750.

There are 3 payment options

Pay in full and save 20% with a single payment of £3000

Save 12% with two payments of £1,650

3 payments of £1,250

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