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Marketing's purpose is not to get you more clients.

The endless daily stream of marketing messages such as“just implement this process and you too can be fully booked...” are lying to you.

Marketing has a much more profound purpose that is being overlooked. And in the process, your potential is being denied.

Marketing has become disconnected from true purpose - it’s become systematised and synthesised as a way to persuade and convince people to do something that primarily benefits you, under the title of benefitting them. The balance of energy has gone astray.

This is precisely why so many conscious entrepreneurs struggle so badly with marketing. It feels wrong.

The purity of intention and purpose does not sync with the approach and energy required to “make it work”. And sadly too many people subsequently turn their backs on marketing or only do the bits that feel right with less than desirable effects.


A successful business needs a steady stream of buyers.

That is an indisputable fact.

Making it a reality becomes the primary focus of our business, marketing and sales efforts.

The essential steps to set up a funnel or ad campaign or blog or SEO become our focus in order to “drive” traffic and conversions.

And in reducing our focus to this result, we manage to disconnect from the source of power to “attract” that steady stream of buyers.

©Polly Hearsey 2018

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