Tweet Perfection

The Perfect Tweet

Is there such a thing as the perfect tweet?

Probably not, perfection is pretty subjective anyway.  But there are a few simple guidelines you can follow that will help you craft some great tweets that will engage, excite and interest the Twittersphere.

Social media leaves many small business owners feeling somewhat anxious or lost at sea. And Twitter seems to strike the fear of God into many.

Even seasoned users are convinced they don’t know enough about Twitter. But I am not convinced it’s as complicated as it seems - simplicity is my byword after all!

The most important thing to remember about social media is the word social. Put some YOU into your tweets. Make sure your personality shines through.

Download Tweeting Made Easy and see some great examples of how people show their personality every time.

When it comes to crafting tweets for your business, here are a few things to bear in mind.

 Tweet Components

Don’t be an egg

Complete your profile and make it clear what you do. Add a headshot, logo, photo - anything but an egg, they really aren't that sociable!


We all often see tweets in our feed that are just so bizarre we haven’t a clue what is being talked about. Keep it clear, concise and above all obvious what you are talking about.


Hashtags open up your tweets to a much wider audience, which means greater exposure for your business. Keep them relevant and stick to no more than 3 - more than that and the readability of your tweet will plummet.

Use hashtags that relate to your follower’s interests. Find out what they might be at Hashtagify or Ritetag. Or make up your own to add a little humour or to track a campaign.

140 Characters?

If you can manage it, I rarely can, try to tweet at 120 characters or so. Although people can quote your tweet, leaving a bit of space allows them to retweet (RT) or modify the retweet (MRT) if that’s what they prefer.


Use them! Tweets with images get 150% more retweets than those without.  

Link URL’s

Shorten them. If you use a scheduling tool to post tweets, they should be shortened automatically but if you are tweeting directly, shorten them with one of the many url shorteners available such as or

Calls to Action

Let people know what you want them to do, encourage them to take action. Keep it friendly and approachable.


Ask questions to encourage replies and gain interest. Make your questions relevant to your customer or follower key interests.


A bit of intrigue never hurt, especially if you want people to click a link, as long as it isn’t too obscure. See Tweeting Made Easy for some good examples.


Who doesn’t appreciate being made to smile? It makes you approachable and a lot less virtual.

Download Tweeting Made Easy to see how the pro’s tweet and why it works.

Now over to you - perfection beckons!

©Polly Hearsey 2019

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