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Strength & Power for Expansion

"Do you wish to rise? Begin by descending.

You plan a tower that will pierce the clouds? Lay first the foundation"

St Augustine

Any business that weathers storms and stands the test of time has solid foundations. For every entrepreneur who has brought their vision to life, there is the strongest foundation of all - self-belief.

Belief that this is possible, that everything you need you already have and it only needs to be supported to come from within to grow. From this seed of belief, all things are possible. 

You are your business. You are the foundation and within you is the power and strength to expand into your full potential. Are you ready to see what you can achieve?

What is Energetic Marketing?

Energetic Marketing shifts the focus of how you create, express and connect.

Traditional marketing is reductive in its energy – it’s all about systems and data and funnels which create a disconnect between you and your community. That’s only going to have one outcome – hard work and frustration.

Energetic Marketing is about you. Why you?

Good question.

This is your business. Your clients won’t be anyone’s clients, they will be yours. Until you bring your whole energy and essence into the design, expression and promotion of your business, your community is not being invited in, they are observing.

You don’t want to be spending every hour of your day relentlessly “marketing” your business. You want to be doing the work that doesn’t feel like work.

Energetic marketing weaves the work of expression, creation and connection into the fabric of your business using your core strengths and energy. You can focus on doing what you are called to do knowing that your business is always ready to receive.

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Strong Foundations

No business can be sustainable in the absence of strong foundations.

There is way too much focus on quick fix solutions and I know that you don’t buy into the promises of overnight success. But you do want to see and feel progress and movement towards your dream.

Your business needs strength to underpin it and catalyse that movement. Strength that comes from clarity, confidence and vision empowering you to create and express what your business truly needs and connect with the community that is searching for you right now.

Just as we continuously uncover more depth to ourselves that challenges and inspires us, there is always more depth and potential within our businesses. Building our businesses is evolution through and through.

Whether you are starting out, changing direction or moving to a new level, your foundations will give you the strength and resilience to keep growing.

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Building Your Foundations

There are 3 core pillars to Energetic Marketing – Creation, Expression & Connection and they are brought to life through Design.

Working together, we will explore, uncover and bring to light the inner strength and power that resides in you to create momentum in your business through these aspects.

We start with you – always with you.

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Who are you?

And how is this expressed through your business?

Hidden within you is more power and potential than you realise. I can guarantee it.

Bringing this to life within your business is no token exercise. Without a full understanding of how you express your essence through your business, turning your vision into reality will continue to be challenging.

Together we will pull together the parts of you that have brought you to the here and now with a dream to create change and impact. We will shine a light on your unique potential. This is the beginning of your journey and the first layer of your foundations.


The gap between where you are now and where you want to get to is so much more than a set of steps. It is a journey and an experience.

The journey is yours to create. It is yours to experience. It is your vision.

Being true to your vision gives you the power to create the journey that others experience when they join you. And join you they will, because you are a leader.

You are showing them the path to tread.

Together we will create the experience and journey that will take you from here to there and pave the way for your community to join you.


Leadership comes with the need to share with conviction and clarity. Bringing your vision and purpose into words from the depths of your core is a process of allowing and recognising the truth hidden within the obvious.

Powerful self-expression is already within you but the true power is so inherent to you that you may fail to recognise its potential to connect on many levels.

Expression allows the flow of your essence out through the journey and into words and action and possibility. It is brought into being through design.


Essence, creation and expression explode into life through design that connects your energy to your delivery.

Together we will design the essential elements of your packages and programmes underpin the journey you have created. We will position and value them to reflect your unique approach to transformation.

Expansion in Action 

As you expand through the programme you will gain

Strong presence and ownership of YOU in your business.
Powerful messages that will connect with your community and grow your natural authority.
A roadmap for expansion delivering an energetically charged experience for you and your community.
Packages that feel good to deliver and experience expanding your value and following.
A dynamically created strategy that will flex and adapt with you as you grow.

Investment in you and your business

4 weeks of your time and energy to transform your business foundations with

Scoping and pre-assessment session
4 one to one expansion sessions
Email support throughout the programme extending for 4 weeks after completion.
Dedicated Slack channel for file and resource sharing
Weekly check–in’s
Access to Transformational Marketing training materials as required
Post programme check-in and check-up
£2000 paid in full in advance or 2 x £1050

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What Clients Say

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Energetic Marketing begins with you. Before we begin your support we dive into who you are and what you are seeking to create through your work.

Exploring this together, helps me to tap into the approach that will bring out the best in you

AND it helps you uncover the hidden gems of potential in your business. Trust me, they are there!

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Your business is an expression of your energy, vision and being. Let's design it to share your magic.

We will create a map of your essence that empowers you to anchor everything you do to your core - from the offers you create to the systems you need. We will bring forward what works for you and clean out what doesn't. You will be able to see the magic weave through all the elements you are bringing to life.

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Flowing from your essence map, we turn our attention to the journey from here to your BIG vision. Dream big, plan big - because when you start by stretching your own belief in what is possible, the experience you create through this journey will have its own momentum and potential. However, much you evolve and grow over time, the journey will support you and enable you to see the next steps along the path.

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Your energy signature and the energy of the journey is brought into expression through design and words.

We will create your toolbox for expression which will anchor your messaging and design back to your core at every step.

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With your powerful design and expression in place, it's time to take it out to your community - to connect with them energetically and to bring your message and offers to them. We will design a unique strategy for authority building and relationship nurturing to support you and your business on the journey towards your vision.

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