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The elements are waiting to show you

how to use your energy to lead your marketing

They are here to show you how to stop bending yourself out of shape to fit into that box, to help you embrace your uniqueness, walk your own path and connect with your audience powerfully.

Elements Combined

You have squeezed, prodded and pounded yourself to fit into that box of "how marketing is done" quite enough. It’s stopping your free spirit creativity and expression, it’s holding you back from your potential despite the promises of success. You know it but you haven’t found an alternative yet.

There isn’t a funnel or an ad out there that will fix it. We have to go further back.

Earth, air, fire and water – these are the foundation of life and within them are the codes and secrets of your unique energetic and creativity blueprint.

The elements open up a whole new realm of possibility for your business

Elements Combined

The Power of the Elements

You have a Power Element – this is the element that you work with most closely to express your full self. Consciously working with your Power Element guides you to the business models and marketing activities that will amplify your energy and the power of your expression. Your Power Element opens up the door to working with all the elements to create and expand your business through your energy.

The way in which you work with all the elements is unique to you. In the interplay of the elements there is deep insight into your unique strengths.

Consciously working with your element flow empowers you to take your own path, create on your own terms and be yourself through your business.

It is the power of your true expression.

Elements Combined

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Marketing is an amazing gift and opportunity. It has soul, creativity and magic.

Mainstream marketing has got so caught up in the tactics and processes that this has got lost along the way. I created Energetic Marketing which turns the whole concept of marketing on its head – starting with your energy and creating marketing that is unique, innovative and custom fitted to you. The days of one size fits all are definitely on their way out and they have become a thing of the past for my clients and community.

On my journey to heal the energetic disconnect between intent and implementation, I have explored (and continue to do so) inspiration from the world around us. The elements have become a core part of my approach to marketing. They have so much to offer each of us as a foundation to realising our desires. Consciously working with the elements brings to life a completely new way of thinking and being in our businesses.

What Is The Element Map?

The Element Map is the beginning of a journey into working with earth, air, fire and water to create marketing that sings your soul song.

When you work with your unique elemental flow, the elements are activated to support and amplify your energy.

Your Element Map guides you to the marketing activities and business models that will feel good to put into practice. And what feels good brings a whole new energy to your expression with some pleasant side effects - you feel good, your audience feels good, your business expands.

How Will It Help Me?

Elements Combined

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The map connects you to how the elements support you as an individual. Exploring your unique energetic flow through the cycle of creativity, the map zones in on your personal strengths and areas of opportunity.

Your Element Map explores your cycle of creativity to create and share your message and offers. Tapping into the inherent strengths and energy of each element to uncover new dimensions to your potential.

You will receive personalised guidance for energetically aligned business and marketing activities that work with your elemental energies. It will empower you to create balance in your business and tap into the individual elemental powers to energise your projects.

Specifically, your Element Map will:

Identify your Power Element – this is your strongest element that defines the energy of your expression. It’s is your reboot button injecting new energy into your working rhythms.

Explore marketing activities that naturally resonate with your energy and catalyse the greatest impact for you.

Identify business models that will amplify your core elemental strengths and energy for expansion.

Explore your unique energetic creative flow empowering you to consciously work with the rhythm of the elements turning inspiration into action.

What’s Included?

After you complete the questionnaire, you will receive a report on your Power Element and its core characteristics. You will also receive a full Element Map that shows your unique balance of elemental strengths and Cycle of Creativity. Your Element Map is created exclusively for you carefully exploring your unique balance to identify options and opportunities that are best aligned to you.

Your Element Map gives you clarity and oversight to choose the options that will sustain you.

It will empower you to BE you and to walk your own path of connection and expression.

Elements Combined

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Once you have booked your Element Map, you will be redirected to a page with your next steps. You will need to complete a questionnaire which takes a few minutes. When I have received this, I will be in touch to confirm when your map will be completed. 

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The Element Map is one aspect of Energetic Marketing

A unique approach to marketing that works with your essence and energy to create powerful transformations for you, your business and your community. If you would like to find out how Energetic Marketing can support you to walk your own path and be the unique energy and power you are destined to be, let's connect. 

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