Business DNA Restoration

Your business has DNA.

It’s created from the frequencies of intention that conceived it. It's pure energy deeply linked to your purpose. 

Over time, outside influences can impact this DNA and this alters how your business functions.

Ideas and concepts that you have played with and discounted can still be playing out behind the scenes.

Systems and approaches created with a coach or through a course can often continue to impact your business long after they were relevant.

And, of course, you keep on evolving and your business can get stuck in the past.

Think of it like epigenetics – every time you try to reinvent your business, these aspects are still written into the DNA and continue to impact how your business functions.

You could clear them out and start with a completely blank sheet, which is always an attractive idea at this time of year.

Like you, I have spent a lot of time doing the work on myself and identifying patterns, beliefs and experiences that have impacted me. Business DNA Restoration is the same work but for your business going right back to the frequencies that created it.

A Business DNA Restoration involves 3 stages.

First, clear the DNA of all influences that aren’t attuned to the frequencies and will not support your business into the future.

Second, re-weave the individual DNA “strands” for your business. As you do this, energy in the form of ideas, beliefs and approaches will slip away if it no longer has a place or purpose within your business.

Third, activate the energy body of your business to get the energy moving and sharing its presence.

It’s the ultimate restoration that will move you and your business into a new energy where you can step into new possibilities. Download more information here.

If you would like to book or find out more, please arrange a call. Investment is £1200 and payment plans are available.


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