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In the dark mists of time, communication was something that took time and consideration.

Writing with a quill, fountain pen or a manual typewriter needed care. Written communication was valued. As life has got more hectic and technology has advanced, our communication has changed. 

Today, we communicate constantly and quickly, more often than not remotely. More than ever, we are communicating via the written word.

How much thought do we give our communication when it is so prolific and seems to have such low value? In our haste to communicate, how careful are we to make it count?

Whats Your Business Worth

A regular conversation with clients is around the tension between cash flow and market position.

Small businesses have many issues to contend with to keep their heads above water and the temptation is to bring in the money at all costs.  That might sort out short term cash flow problems but in the long run, it will damage your business.  Surely your business is worth more?

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