(v) To travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination

We have access to limitless amounts of information and somehow this has spawned a belief that we have to have it all figured out. That if we don’t, we are less than we should be.

Well that’s hogwash.

This is a journey of discovery, of learning and of excitement. Journeys are a lot more interesting and rewarding if they aren’t planned down to microscopic detail. We can either look at our itinerary or look where we are, appreciate where we are and grow from the experience.

But a journey without a destination – that is a different matter.

Switching Sides

We all have business tasks that we try to avoid.

Do you ever get that slightly crushing sensation when you have to turn your attention to tech tasks?

Or do you run for the hills at the mere mention of copywriting?

In our day to day work, most of us reside predominantly in one side or other of our brains. We are either focused on linear, sequential, logical tasks or we are working on creative, intuitive, multidimensional activities. And shifting from one to the other is incredibly disruptive and challenging. Unfortunately, shift we must because our businesses need attention from both sides of our brains.

What is SEO 1

What on Earth is SEO?

You know it stands for Search Engine Optimisation and you know it affects your search rankings. But what exactly does that really mean? And what are you supposed to be doing?

SEO is understandably confusing for many entrepreneurs and business owners. Google SEO and you will be overwhelmed with technobabble and ads for SEO services – which probably leaves you thinking that you ought to be employing an agency to do this for you.


Your Business Assets

We all get busy doing the things we love that sometimes we forget about or avoid the things that don't set us on fire. For many entrepreneurs, that means some of the really techy things.

One thing I come across time and again is entrepreneurs and small businesses who don't have full control over their digital assets.

It's not an exciting topic and it gets put on the backburner all too easily.  But if you lose control, the heartache and financial stress that results is devastating.

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