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Ideal clients – we all need them, we all want them, we all try to define them.

Often though, it takes us nowhere near as far as we need to travel to attract them.

The Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) has a long history of evolution but as a paradigm for your business, it probably isn’t doing much for you.

Because the focus is wrong.

Tracing the Steps

Have you ever tried to walk in someone else’s footprints?

Were their feet the exact same size and shape as yours? Was their stride the exact same length? Was it easy? Was it comfortable?

We have spent our lifetimes creating our own way of moving, doing and being. It is unique to us.

Watch two dancers dancing the same dance. The self expression that comes from each dancer’s interpretation and movement changes the feel of the dance subtly but powerfully.

Walking in someone else’s steps is not comfortable.

It’s the same with business. Each and every single one of us creates, responds and expresses uniquely. It is our very uniqueness that is the strength and power of our business.

And yet an entire industry is trying to entice you with the promise of an easy solution that works for everyone.

Turning the Tide

I don’t know about you but when I am told to follow the rules, my first reaction is to question and challenge.

We are fed a steady diet of “you need to do it this way” or “the only guaranteed route to success is to ....” My response is “Why?”

There are some extraordinarily successful people out there – some in the public eye, some not. And most of them never followed the rules, they made them.

Selling your SoulAre you selling your soul for your business?

I hope so

I love marketing. It’s fun, creative and intriguing. It has immense power to touch lives. But I totally understand why it gets a bad rap.  Tactics, persuasion, the act of selling makes us feel immensely uncomfortable.

Why is there such inherent discomfort in persuading people to buy?

This is, of course, not a black and white issue. The range of greys is pretty impressive. But there are some common core reasons that we need to understand in order to move beyond them and it is all about perspective.

©Polly Hearsey 2019

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