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Jennifer Church, consciousness mender, dragon ambassador, teacher of metaphysical teachers and a certified soul language practitioner, has the innate ability to sense when you are out of integrity with your Soul’s mission. Archangel Michael gave her the name Truth Titan because of the strong vibration of truth that she embodies. Jennifer has had an acupuncture, acupressure and energy healing practice for 20 years where she was able to observe patterns where we choose to limit our own consciousness and the effect of that choice on the body, mind and spirit. Jennifer believes the key to conscious connection with any spiritual being begins with conscious connection to ourselves, human and soul. She is on a mission to help the new generations of spiritual teachers to raise their consciousness beyond the current technologies and modalities and co-create pan-dimensional integrative technologies that off humanity higher consciousnesses of love.

We are in an unprecedented time and space as humans right now. A time where we can activate and integrate all parts of ourselves, human, elemental, archangelic, Christed, galactic and beyond. We are in a time where it is imperative to embody the Divine and see the human as equal to all. "It is my fierce passion to help you cultivate such a clear connection with your Soul and the Divine, so you can make empowered choices that are in integrity with Divine Love and Divine Truth and, so you live in a state of searing presence!" Jennifer Church

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Jennifer runs many programmes and courses. Devotion to the Chakras is open now and, if you are quick off the mark, you can use this coupon to receive a discount on the course: devchakrasjuly18


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