Financial Empowerment with Millen Livis


Millen Livis is a Financial Empowerment mentor, Investor, Entrepreneur and a Bestselling Author. A former Walls Street executive and a creator of “The Millen-aire Method”, she was able to become financially independent within 7 years. Now she helps her clients become financially empowered - have more wealth, freedom, and financial security in their lives. She does it by offering systematized step-by-step wealth building programs and events that allow her clients to master the wealth mentality AND attain the financial know-how - smart money management and strategic investing.

Millen lives in two most desirable resort-like locations in the French Riviera and Palm Beach, Florida and offers live events in both countries.

Find Millen on Facebook and in her Facebook Group - Wealth Building for Powerful Women

Millen has a number of opportunities to learn more about financial empowerment. She has written two books, A Shift Toward Abundance and A Shift Toward Purpose

Millen runs online programs including Activate Effortless Wealth: 10-week online program and Lasting Wealth Academy: a 4 month comprehensive training (by application only), will be offered in September, get on the waiting list now to receive the announcement.

And she is running "Your Power to Prosper" - a 3-day LIVE EVENT in the South of France on Sept 7-9. 

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