Self Love Made Easy with Theresa Fowler


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Theresa Fowler, aka The Thought Shifter, is an author, mentor, energy worker, international speaker and intuitive self love and joy goddess. Theresa began her journey into personal development and spirituality almost 10 years ago at the age of 43, when she heard a message from the divine to get healthy while standing at her father’s graveside — at the time she was a 60-a-day smoker, heavy binge drinker and an obese type 2 diabetic. Now after years of course work, self study and research, she has made it her life purpose to support others in putting themselves first so that they open their hearts to self love and reconnect with their joy. She has recently published her second book, Breakdowns to Breakthroughs: The 7 Secrets You Need To Know To Love Yourself. Follow her blog at and find her on Instagram and Twitter or join her group on Facebook

Download a sample chapter of Breakdowns to Breakthroughs or buy the book here 

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