The accepted standard business process goes along the following line:

Spot a gap in the market
Research the market
Produce what the market wants

The linearity of the process is such that strict rules are created around what does and does not work.

This results in businesses that are, to all intents and purposes, exactly the same. They are soulless and create very little transformation and change in the world (because that is not within the scope of the rules of the game).

The closest you will get to soul engagement is asking yourself if this is really the path you want to take. Frankly, even that is questioned and shamed.

This model isn’t working.

Not for you.

It’s led you into doubt, loss of confidence, feeling as though you are lacking something within yourself and that you are missing a trick that everyone else knows.

It means that you are working outside of your zone of genius in order to provide what is needed and you are not getting the satisfaction of following your soul impulses.

And it isn’t working for the world either. The linearity of the process moves inexorably towards the amount of money you make, never the impact. Even if you factor in making money to support philanthropy, it is still out of balance with the world, because it is a take to give back model.

Unique soul expression creates balance in the world. The very act of following your soul impulses creates positive impact and transformation that changes the nature of the world.

Within you is a business that no one else can create. It is dependent on you – the you within. It is not dependent on what the market “needs” but what you can uniquely offer because you are you.

Connecting to this changes the rules of the game and the playing field.

Your soul path, intention or purpose (however you want to describe it) is unique. Establishing a profound and strong connection with the full breadth of this turns you into a beacon of energy. Your energy creates a code that is the blueprint and structure to hold the energy of creativity and creation that is your soul intention realised.

You can feel the energy throughout your whole being and the code is the means by which you anchor into it and connect to the world, to your community, to your clients. Through your cellular resonance with this code, you will find the clarity of the presence you can create and the transformation that is yours to bring to others.

It’s a completely different experience.

One that demands your willingness to dismantle the structures and beliefs of business to release your unique voice and creative expression into the world.
The world doesn’t need more entrepreneurs, it needs individuals with a mission who are totally connected to their soul intention and expressing it through their zone of genius. It is through this freedom that the world will transform.

Is this your path? I’d love to invite you to an exploration call where I will be delighted to share more of the Business Energetics flow process with you.

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