Illuminating the Shadow of Consistency

During the massive disruption of lockdown, I have found an old niggling belief resurfacing.

Consistency is a much-touted word in the entrepreneurial world.

The expectations to show up regularly, routinely, without fail are written on just about every wall out there.

I don’t hold with this view. To me, energetic consistency (holding the energy of your business) is way more powerful than showing up to do a live video every Tuesday at 11.30 am.

I know that this energy is what is actually doing the work and that consistency is an illusion.

I know that marketing, as we have known it, is effectively dead on its feet and that energetics are the foundation of new business models.

I know that I am creating a completely new paradigm for business and the old rules do not apply.

But what I know and what is lurking in my subconscious are apparently not 100% in tune. (Acknowledging this and sharing my experiences throughout this year is part of my commitment to changing the paradigm.)

In between homeschooling (and occasionally losing the plot with maths) and zoning out of my husband’s Skype calls, my productivity has felt like it has tanked. I have been celebrating much smaller achievements as my goalposts have had to constantly move.

And the belief that I have not been consistent has been increasingly poking its head above the parapet.

Even though I have been working with the energetics of my business consistently and expanding my practice every day, I have found myself benchmarking my daily or weekly achievements against this notion of consistency on a very subtle level.

Which has distorted the energetics and my ability to focus gets shot. The other side effect is that I get well and truly short-tempered with anyone who has the slightest impact on my focus. Let’s just say, I am not at my best when feeling the need to be consistent!

The solution? Letting the expectations go.

For me, the hidden expectations were running in the opposite direction to my conscious intention. However subtle they may be, the impact energetically is always more pronounced. I am happy to say that this is another social norm dismissed.

I have been sharing my experiences with the business shadow throughout this year and I will continue to do so. These expectations and the sub-conscious patterns run very deep for all of us. Paying attention, seeing them for what they are takes a little practice but once you do it will have far-reaching ramifications for your mindset and your behaviours.

Do you feel the need to be “consistent” and how is it affecting your energy in your business?

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