It seems that everyone has an opinion on our current situation and is more than willing to share it. A noisy world just got even noisier.

As time progresses, many people will become very particular about who they choose to give their attention to.

How we choose to conduct ourselves now will be the make or break of our businesses down the line. I believe that conscious entrepreneurs can navigate these challenging times and emerge ready to lead a new future. 

There have been seriously sketchy practices in some quarters and those who have chosen to capitalise on the situation have already seen a backlash.

Meanwhile, those who are choosing to respond to what is needed have earned respect and loyalty.

I know you may be very worried about your business right now. And there are some challenging times ahead that are still very much an unknown. But what I do know is that your choices now will lay the foundation for your future.

Be A Beacon

You can be a beacon for those looking for what they need at this time. Responding now to what people are experiencing and bringing your light to their situation will bring you a new level of true connection, one that will be there in the long term, when our current situation becomes a hazy memory.

There are 3 core things you can do now to ensure the long term future of your business. They hold true at any time, but especially so when living in turbulent times. 

#1 Listen

Right now everyone is talking, virtually no one is listening. People are worried, scared and cut loose from their normal realities. They want to be heard. Maya Angelou was so, so right when she said:

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

When someone feels heard it changes their reality, they feel different and they can react differently. You can be the one to hear them. Being heard will be the one thing that gets some people through this in one piece. Let your audience know you are listening and there for them.

#2 Create

When you listen, you can respond with what is needed. You can create something perfect for those who need you. You may only need to tweak what you already have in the works or you may need to pivot to meet that need, but creating what you alone can create will support people to come through this stronger than ever.

And that includes you too! Your creativity is your solution as much as it is a solution for others. As hard as it is to feel creative right now, creativity will be the game-changer. Find ways to nurture your creative energies. (If you haven't taken the Element of Expression quiz yet, do it soon as there will be new content coming on elemental energies.)

#3 Offer

There are plenty of people who feel they can't or shouldn't be selling right now. Don't let the fear of their judgement stop you.

There is nothing sleazy about listening, responding and making an offer. And there is nothing heroic about bankrupting yourself to support others.

If you are making money in your business, you can keep other people's heads above water by choosing to support their businesses. You can't give from an empty cup, as the saying goes, many people will benefit if you make the decision to offer your light to others. Now is when you can make a massive difference to others by selling.

And you will be far better placed to respond with agility to the new opportunities that are inevitably on the other side of this.

Your business can thrive and it should thrive.

Listen. Create. Offer

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