Finding Your Energetic Root

Energetic Root

"What’s your why?”

That question gave me the shudders for the longest time.

Not because it isn’t a valid question, because it is the wrong question for conscious entrepreneurs.

Your why is not enough.

Stopping at your “why” is precisely why so many new businesses struggle and new entrepreneurs flounder.

What really matters is what you are here on this earth to create.

This is the energetic root of your business and where the energy to grow comes from.

It is where the clarity resides and the impetus for a thriving business begins.

What is your soul calling you to create?

And have you designed your business to make this happen?

Soul Connection - The Energetic Business & Marketing Map - is where you can draw from your energetic root to create a business that is a true reflection of you. 

©Polly Hearsey 2019

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