Ditching Expectations


Are you showing up because you have to or because you are called to?

‘Have to’ energy is crippling and damaging to your business. It can be felt with more intensity than even the most finely honed and crafted message.

‘Have to’ energy lacks inspiration. It does not magnetise.

It diminishes our energy continuously in a negative feedback loop. ‘Have to’ energy comes from the logical mind and is not anchored in our being.

Our being is connected to the energy of our creation and the energy of our business. When we accept this energy we redefine our relationship to our business. W

e feel the call to show up because we are inspired to. And showing up inspires us to connect more deeply to ourselves and create more.

It is a positive feedback loop and how your business can free you.
(And the energy once accepted will inevitable open up new realms of possibility that you never even considered with your logical mind.)

Don’t show up because you have to.

Show up because you are inspired to.

©Polly Hearsey 2019

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