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Marketing's purpose is not to get you more clients.

The endless daily stream of marketing messages such as“just implement this process and you too can be fully booked...” are lying to you.

Marketing has a much more profound purpose that is being overlooked. And in the process, your potential is being denied.

Marketing has become disconnected from true purpose - it’s become systematised and synthesised as a way to persuade and convince people to do something that primarily benefits you, under the title of benefitting them. The balance of energy has gone astray.

This is precisely why so many conscious entrepreneurs struggle so badly with marketing. It feels wrong.

The purity of intention and purpose does not sync with the approach and energy required to “make it work”. And sadly too many people subsequently turn their backs on marketing or only do the bits that feel right with less than desirable effects.

When I returned to marketing a few years ago, after a break, I felt deeply uncomfortable with the direction of travel and “requirements” for the modern entrepreneur. I loved marketing but not this kind of marketing. It became my mission to find another way and redefine the energy of marketing.

This way has nothing to do with systems or new-fangled technological breakthroughs.

It takes us right back to the beginning.

The purpose of marketing is to unleash the power to create, express and connect in order to energise change.

And it has everything to do with you and your Golden Thread.

What is the Golden Thread?

The Golden Thread is your essence. It is what makes you, YOU.

Every experience, every bit of knowledge, every skill, and every encounter has created a rich life that is unlike anyone else’s. Combined with your unique personality, sense of humour, perception and insight this has brought you to a place where you are the only one who can do what you do, in the way that you do it.

You are truly unique.

And there is no point trying to smother that with the requirements and “shoulds” of the current marketing approaches.

You need to be free, to be you.

The Freedom of the Golden Thread

My work uses the golden thread to distil and emphasize the core of your essence. By exploring who you are, your vision and desires out through the richness of experience and perception that makes you, you it becomes possible to design business and marketing around your energy and strengths.

On outwards through your values, boundaries and aspirations and your path becomes clear – the design, approach and strategy fall into place around you. With it comes the freedom to be unboxed and the courage to be seen for who you are.

The Golden Thread extends from the core of you out through the design and delivery of your business to connect with the community you are creating transformation for.

It is the heart of energetic marketing.

Energetic marketing focuses on the essence of purpose. Results, tactics, systems, processes are totally secondary leading to an entirely different energy of delivery that brings your essence into the spotlight.

Using the Golden Thread and the principles of energetic marketing, uniqueness and energy are your primary tools and secret weapons to deliver your purpose. Growing a strong community, attracting clients and building a successful business are the desirable side effects of getting the energy right.

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