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Rules – made to be followed or broken?

I’m not one for slavishly following the “rules” not least because there is always, always an exception that proves not that they are right but that they are flawed.
It goes without saying that I am a sucker for a good “break the rules” quote here and there. So when I saw this quote, it stopped me in my tracks and made me think a little more deeply about rules.

“Rules are the foundation of change; they create the boundaries that prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and the guidelines to keep you on track”
Cynthia Sass

Rules are the foundation of change.

Hmm.. In my experience, the rules have been flexed to stop change in its tracks, to hamper creativity and dampen innovation. Which led me to thinking about empowered decision making and how it is the make or break of entrepreneurs the world over.


In the early stages of business or when we go through expansion wobbles, one of the first things most of us do is look outside of ourselves for guidance. Who has trodden the path before and what can I learn from them to soothe my anxieties? As useful as this can be, the risk becomes dependency on solutions outside of our self and ultimately submission to someone else’s rules. The minute the first step is taken in this direction, we give away our power, freedom to choose and our creativity.

Empowered decisions come from creating our own “rules” and boundaries. Deciding to be true to our own purpose and passion also means deciding to walk the untrodden path. It is simply not possible to follow someone else’s rules for walking a path they have not walked and not stumble.

I don’t think I have met anyone who wouldn’t agree with that but the question still remains – are we walking the talk? The truth– the really honest truth – is that we all have our stealth methods for sticking with the rules. Breaking the rules is pretty much my creed in life and business. Naturally, that makes me a paragon of rule breaking virtue. Like hell it does.

The big stuff yes, I threw out the rule book a long time ago. But the subtler little things – I keep finding myself following the rules, toeing the line and being “normal”. I’d like to say it’s easy to resolve but apparently it’s not. My inner conformist is sneaky and clever. Your inner conformist is sneaky and clever.

If you want to create change, to create impact, to leave a legacy that shifts consciousness and realities then the bottom line is this – you simply cannot afford to give away your power to someone else’s rules. You have to explore why and how you fall into following those rules and make a decision that you will take what helps and create what you really need. When you have made that decision, the rules do become the foundation of change – because you created them.

©Polly Hearsey 2019

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