Essential Elements of Powerful Marketing

Essential Elements Powerful Marketing 2

How can I make my marketing work?

I know you are asking the question of yourself every day. As what works changes day in and day out and the energy shifts, the tactics that get results will change. It becomes a full time job to keep up but the problem with that is that you already have one of those.

I’d like to take you a little further back to consider the essential elements of marketing that don’t change with the wind and will always work for you, no matter what changes in the world around you.

Modern marketing has become exponentially complicated – the must have systems and tech that keep the wheels turning have become the core of systems of selling machines. Automation is destroying the soul of communication and expression.

Intent and energy has to be embedded more and more powerfully as the connection dissipates with over systematised, disembodied and disconnected processes.

And yet we are told relentlessly that there is only one way to approach your marketing.

How can this possibly be true? It makes no sense.


Each of us is unique, how we do what we do is unique, our audience is unique and we are infinitely creative to boot. That there can only be one solution is limited thinking.

We have many more ways to communicate than we consciously use and marketing is simply communication. Communication of our spirit, energy and intent first and foremost because they create connection. Communication of our magic second because that is what our soul clients are seeking.
This shift in perspectives brings to the fore 5 elements that your marketing must have – absolutely must have - to support your business and your vision.
These elements are innate but so often overlooked, unarticulated and left languishing in the shadows. These are the elements that will not change no matter what changes in the world around you.

You can elevate yourself and your business to new heights by bringing them out in the light.

Circle Thick LineElement 1 – You

As soon as we start to think of setting up a business we get all process driven. I need to do this, to do that, to get this in place.... And we can get trapped here thinking that systems will be our saviours. When the frustration kicks in and you realise that nothing is working the way it is supposed to, the results just aren’t coming as promised you start to bash yourself – there must be something wrong with me, my mindset is off, my energy is wrong...

Systems and processes are simply the oiling the cogs. Systems were never going to save you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you apart from you telling yourself that there is something wrong with you!
Instead of jumping in at the process and system stage, I take my clients back to the beginning. This is where the resilience, flexibility and magic are.

The beginning is you – the whole of you. Your vision, energy and intent and every aspect of who you are. You bring your spirit to your business. Too often it burns silently in the dark and never feeds off a connection to reality because of systems, tactics and more. What is inside you is immensely powerful – you have to appreciate it first before you can shape it into magic for others. This is where it all begins and it all flows from here. Articulate your vision and express your energy first, it will drive and focus everything that comes after.

Elements Earth

Element 2 – Foundations

Flowing out from your core are the innate talents, perspectives and skills that you bring to the world. Your experiences in life have created a reality where you are uniquely placed to create something that is not replicated anywhere else.
There is only one you in case you had forgotten – there is no comparison and there is no competition. You are here for a purpose and you are doing what you are doing because of that purpose.

Knowing this to be true is the core foundation for your business, it will guide you through the winding and bumpy roads you will take. And it gives you the fuel for the third element.

Appreciate all that you are and all that has brought you to here and now, where you are uniquely placed to do what only you can do. Connecting to your whole self will bring strength and clarity to every opportunity that comes your way and will inspire many creative solutions that will propel you forwards.

Elements FireElement 3 – Passion

To keep the fire burning for what you do and how you do it, creativity, energy and freedom of thought need to be allowed into your world. To hell with the constraints and constrictions of processes – feed your soul by creating from the passion that burns inside you. You are infinitely creative – if you can conceive it, then you can make it real. Hold onto this knowing, for the world will try to knock it out of you.

Every time a new opportunity comes your way or exciting new idea jumps into your field of thought, check in with it to see how it connects back to your vision, energy and strengths. Is it taking you forwards and is it energising you? If it is, it will feed the fire that drives you and keep you moving forwards.

Elements Water

Element 4 – Flow

Rigidity and inflexibility will strangle your business. We all need systems and structures to guide and help us but not to run us. We need to accept that not everything will go to plan or look as we intended. We need to enjoy the journey not fixate on the destination – we need to flow and allow our businesses to flow too. There is strength and power in the able to flex, adapt and even pivot and it allows us to grow from experience and be stronger for it.
Don’t be a slave to the systems you need. Create systems that evolve with you and be prepared to change direction when needed. Regularly checking in to see if they are still serving you is essential.

Elements Air

Element 5 – Fearless Expression

What is burning inside you needs expression to bring it to life. You have a truth and a message to share that the world is waiting for. Hiding in any shape or form is a disservice to you and to those you are meant to serve. We all do it – we all hide to keep ourselves safe and secure. We all tell ourselves that no one wants to hear that ramble that goes on in my head, does it even make sense anyway? Yes it makes sense – maybe not to everyone but to some people it is the exact thing they need to hear. For those people a few simple words could be life changing. Don’t hide behind your fears or anxieties because your power and potential are wrapped up in your self-expression and this expression is part of your purpose.

These are the essential foundational elements of powerful marketing. They are timeless, classic and will serve you without fail. Build your business and marketing on these principles and the rest will flow with your energy.

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©Polly Hearsey 2019

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