Tracing the Steps

Tracing the Steps

Have you ever tried to walk in someone else’s footprints?

Were their feet the exact same size and shape as yours? Was their stride the exact same length? Was it easy? Was it comfortable?

We have spent our lifetimes creating our own way of moving, doing and being. It is unique to us.

Watch two dancers dancing the same dance. The self expression that comes from each dancer’s interpretation and movement changes the feel of the dance subtly but powerfully.

Walking in someone else’s steps is not comfortable.

It’s the same with business. Each and every single one of us creates, responds and expresses uniquely. It is our very uniqueness that is the strength and power of our business.

And yet an entire industry is trying to entice you with the promise of an easy solution that works for everyone.

I’ll be the first to admit that all those exact methods, swipe files and 7 step programmes sound tempting. The promise of success is always attractive! But like feet and dancers, no two businesses are the same. Imposing someone else’s system on your precious business constrains, constricts and compromises exactly what it is supposed to be freeing.

Whilst there may be some general truths in marketing, such as video messages are more effective at engaging than plain copy, that doesn’t mean there is an exact formula that each and every business has to implement in order to be successful.

Success comes from wrapping your energy and unique style around your business. Designing your processes around the real you by working from the inside out gives you strength, flexibility and sustainability. Holding true to your individuality is precisely what will elevate you above the crowd to allow your audience to appreciate you.

When you see beauty in what others do, it’s not the system they use but self-expression that is captivating your attention. Like a dancer or an artist or a friend’s jokes – what we see, feel and hear is unique to us. It is that reaction that is the essence of attracting soul clients and it begins with self-expression.

Your reality is waiting to be claimed and all you need to do is allow you to be YOU in your business.

The Energetic Marketing Foundation one to one programme is the first step to being you. The programme creates sustainable foundations to help you express, create and connection with your clients using your natural essence - no rules, no preconceptions. It's your business, you get to do it your way. 

©Polly Hearsey 2019

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