Securing Your Business Assets

Your Business Assets

We all get busy doing the things we love that sometimes we forget about or avoid the things that don't set us on fire. For many entrepreneurs, that means some of the really techy things.

One thing I come across time and again is entrepreneurs and small businesses who don't have full control over their digital assets.

It's not an exciting topic and it gets put on the backburner all too easily.  But if you lose control, the heartache and financial stress that results is devastating.

Sadly it is all too easy to lose control - you ask someone to set something up for you or you set it up yourself but lose the details.  

Are you sure that your domain name, your website, your analytics, your ancillary accounts and even your mailing list are under your control?  

Do you have a record of all your login details?  Personally, I use LastPass, a password vault, to keep all my sites safe but for absolutely critical business assets, I do also have a separate record.  Imagine trying to log-in to your website or your email account only to discover the password is not what you thought it was or, God forbid, you get hacked.  Knowing that you have those details to hand is not just a reassurance but it is going to save you time, money and frustration.  

When you are working with someone to help you with your business, maybe a web developer or a VA, it's time-saving to ask them to set up this or that for you.  But unless you explicitly state the account details to be used, are you sure what they are?   

I have helped too many clients deal with the fallout of accounts being set up in the name of a service provider and where their permissions have been restricted.  Google Analytics is one of the most common issues that I come across - accounts aren't set up in the client name but put under the web developer's account.  As the account holder, the web developer has complete access to your business intelligence and control of your property.  And the thing with Google Analytics is that once a web property is set up, ownership cannot be transferred.  

Assume your relationship with a web developer goes south or they just go out of business - you have only one option.  To start from scratch and lose all your historical data.  For any business this is disastrous.  

That's just one example out of many possibilities.  The more we move into an online existence, the more digital business assets we accumulate and the more important it becomes to assure our full control.  

If you find that you don't control any of your assets, make it a priority to resolve it asap.  Completing a digital asset audit could save you a lot of distress down the line. I have put together a Digital Asset Audit Template which you can access here.  And if you need advice on how to resolve any issues, you know where I am.  


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