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Foundation Marketing

Small businesses are a huge part of our economy – over 99% of private sector businesses are small businesses in the UK and the majority of these are sole traders.

Small businesses are more than an integral part of our economy; they are the cornerstones of innovation, quality and creativity.

Yet the really scary fact is that half of all small businesses don’t last more than 5 years.

Whilst there is a myriad of reasons for this, failure to invest in marketing is most certainly a huge contributing factor.  Find out how your foundations are stacking up with this survey.

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Most small businesses operate on very tight budgets with erratic and challenging cashflow. Often the first victim of this situation is marketing.  Quick fix solutions to generate sales seem to be the only solution to keep the business ticking over and planned marketing falls by the wayside.  

This is one of the single biggest factors influencing the success or failure of small business.  Generating customers through marketing is the absolute lifeblood of any business – without customers there is no business.

Successful businesses are those that plan for sustainable growth.  This does not come from quick fixes or chasing new tactics in the hope of generating much-needed business. A successful business is dependent on carefully built foundations. 

Without strong foundations, small business owners are spinning on a hamster wheel to keep everything going. Opportunities are pursued which turn out to be red herrings, the wheel is reinvented repeatedly and as time goes by the dream that once seemed so possible disappears to the horizon. Exhaustion takes over destroying the passion that once underpinned the whole business.  

It doesn't have to be this way. 

I want to see small businesses not just survive but thrive - to achieve what they want to achieve and create what they want to create.  One of the pivotal ways that I can help small businesses achieve this is by putting solid foundations in place for their marketing.

Introducing Foundation Marketing

Foundation Marketing is my approach to the essentials of successful, effective marketing. My programmes cut out all the unnecessary noise, confusion and distractions to let you focus on what’s really critical for sustainable growth - without the exhaustion, frustration and overwhelm.  Foundation Marketing gets you in front of your customers and creates a strong platform for growth.  It is the starting point for a 360° approach that gets marketing working for you.  

So how does are your foundations stacking up? Want to find out what’s missing and what you need to work on?

Click here to take a quick survey and find out how to get your business thriving.

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