Unscripted with Polly Hearsey

Unscripted is a word association conversation exploring the big conversations that really matter. 

Guests choose a single word that defines their perspective of life and where we are heading. Weaving together different perspectives, we explore the views and experiences that shape our understanding of life. The podcast was inspired by the profound journeys of change that many find themselves experiencing as the world too changes.

Contact details for all my guests are below each episode - please do explore the wonders they have to offer. 

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Unscripted Origin with Niamh Cronin

Episode 1 - Origin with Niamh Cronin

Join us as Niamh and I follow the word trail inspired by "Origin". We travel far and wide looking at life from many perspectives in this episode exploring where we have come from and where we are heading.

Niamh Cronin is an International Speaker, Storyteller, Transformational Coach, Founder of Attuneme ™ and Vibrational Artist.

Niamh ignites a greater capacity in individuals, coaches to live and lead more consciously and effectively in harmony with nature. She facilitates leadership initiations for individuals who are ready to embark on a journey of remembrance. She has travelled the world hosting events, workshops and retreats in Australia and US and is back sharing this work in Ireland.

Connect with Niamh and discover more about her work at Niamh Cronin

Unscripted Simplicity with Maria de Marcos

Simplicity with Maria de Marcos

What does it mean to live a simple life?

If the answer were simple, we would all be living a life guided by simplicity. But achieving this state requires moving through complexity first.

In episode 2 of Unscripted, Maria de Marcos guides us on a quest to a life of simplicity.

Maria is a coach, Alexander Technique teacher, art historian, piano teacher, mother and more. Her life turns around exploring the big issues of life through our uniquely wonderful bodies. Maria lives in the Spanish countryside with her daughter and cat. She is a coach and Alexander Technique teacher, art historian and piano teacher to name just a few of her talents. Her life turns around asking the important questions - Who am I? What am I here for? - which she explores through her body. She is all about simplicity, alignment and inner expansion as the values for thriving in life and business. She is passionate about sharing all she is and all she has learned. 

Connect with Maria

Unscripted Opening with Patricia Fitzgerald

Episode 3 - Opening with Patricia Fitzgerald

In this episode, Patricia Fitzgerald explores "Opening" from many perspectives and shares her own story of opening up to her own life. 

Patricia Fitzgerald is a visual artist located in Dublin, Ireland. Her main focus is on the art of Mandala and the power of mandala as a tool for the expansion of consciousness. Her internationally selling work has been exhibited extensively in Ireland. As well as creating stunningly detailed mandalas, she also hosts workshops and retreats in Ireland and abroad on Mandala creation and meditation.

ProfilePainting PatriciaFitzgerald HealingCreations FirechildPhotography 8819

Patricia studied Visual Education and Communication at Dun Laoghaire College of Art & Design (IADT) and also holds a first class honours degree in Philosophy and Sociology from University College, Dublin where she was also awarded a post graduate scholarship.

Her first book Healing Creations: Discover your mindful self through mandala colouring and journaling (Collins Press 2016) contains forty hand drawn mandalas for you to engage with, positive quotations and wisdom from many of the world's best thinkers plus meditation. It is available in all good bookstores in Ireland and globally on Amazon. Her second book 'Who Would You Be If..." is a personal development guide for women and was published by Red Stag Books in November 2018.

She has featured on The RTE Today Show, The Irish Times, The Business Post, The Independent, The Conscious Living Show, Victoria Mary Clarke's The Art of Living Show, Derry City FM's Arts show, Positive Life, Live Encounters, The Dublin Enquirer and on many other radio shows and magazine features.

View Patricia's art and connect at https://www.healingcreations.ie/

Patricia was a Senior Librarian and Arts Officer with South Dublin Libraries for over 27 years until she changed her career in 2017 to pursue her passion for art and meditation practice full time.

Unscripted Magik with Julia McKeowen

Episode 4 - Magik with Julia McKeowen

Julia McKeowen guides us on a journey inspired by Magik. She takes us on a hero's journey into the darkness to reclaim the light sharing deeply of her own story through anxiety and trauma.

Julia is a Nature Lover, Tree Hugger, Magik Weaver and Subtle Energy Sourcerer.

She is also a founding co-creator at Grail Leadership, which is building a new paradigm of business for Visionary, Maverick and Emerging Leaders. https://www.grailleadership.com

Julia’s operating modus is “Magik”, which is the word and realm dedicated to this unscripted conversation.

Connect with Julia at Grail Leadership

Unscripted Awareness with Tigrilla Gardenia

Episode 5 - Awareness with Tigrilla Gardenia

Tigrilla Gardenia takes into the world of “Awareness” in episode 5 of Unscripted.

Inspired by nature and plants, we explore the interconnected nature of all life and what this can teach us about a different way of being. This is a conversation that leads us to rediscovering our true nature and place in the world.

Fascinated by nature since her earliest memories, Tigrilla Gardenia turned that passion into her vocation, leading to a successful nature-inspired business.
Her journey began in a polyethnic childhood. She earned a degree in music and electrical engineering, entering the high-tech corporate world via RealNetworks and Microsoft in the early days of the internet.

The desire to escape the confines of the corporate world proved too strong and Tigrilla soon began following her own spiritual path. She co-owned a circus, produced intentional dance events, taught Kabbalah, and even toured with Cirque du Soleil.

Today, she works as a Nature-Inspired Business Mentor and studies Plant Intelligence and the Effects of Plant Music on Human Health.

Tigrilla has the honor of being a Damanhur citizen in Italy — one of the largest spiritual eco-communities in the world.

Her roots are firmly planted in the arts, communication, and the avant-garde. Tigrilla uses her expertise to empower people to live and work in natural harmony with the planet, achieving meaning and abundance. She is an influential speaker and mentor, running courses and workshops on connecting with nature, including plant communication, wisdom and music.

Always eager to learn, she studied with some of the greatest minds in bio-inspired sciences, gaining a masters degree in Futuro Vegetale (Vegetal Future): plants, social innovation, design under Stefano Mancuso, University of Florence. She has also studied Biomimicry for Social Innovation and Product Development under Dayna Baumeister, co-founder of Biomimicry 3.8.

Tigrilla champions connection to nature as the basis for long-term health and happiness.

Connect with Tigrilla

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