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Reduce the Volume Increase the Impact

There are no absolutes in truth. There is only perception.

Society is overwhelmed with notions of absolute truth that permeate every thought and decision.

As conscious entrepreneurs, healers and creators we have a big responsibility to get clear on our contribution to the collective unconscious.

If you hold a belief that is 100% true for you, it does not make it a universal truth so presenting it as such is adds it to the collective unconscious.

The ideas you share can very easily become part of someone’s way of defining life. People are left with a nagging background thought that if they do not do X then Y will never be attainable or that if they continue to do A it will result in catastrophe, pain or endless hard work.

The problem here is that we like to deal in absolutes. As entrepreneurs, the collective unconscious demands that we prove the outcomes and benefits of our work and so we lean towards the absolutes.

As someone who has come from a copywriting foundation, I know that it is more impactful to speak of what will not what may be. Yet I cannot bring myself to speak in definitive terms, for me it is disingenuous and my truth does not support it. I, for one, am not prepared to perpetuate the trauma and angst of the collective unconscious by promising something that cannot ever be undeniably true from your perspective. I am not prepared to seed ideas that will linger and impact how you think and act unconsciously. My piece is to help you find what is true for you and be true to it.

As we move into energies that support more powerful self-expression we have more responsibility to be fully aware of how the words and energy we share impact the world around us. Conscious choice and action in bringing our businesses to the world is imperative.

There is an intense call at this time to bring your message to the world, a battle cry to find the strength to share with conviction, to help people hear what they need to hear. The message doesn’t land because it is shouted loudly – we have been there and we are moving away from it. The message lands because it belongs. It can be shared gently, compassionately, consciously and it can change the collective unconscious through its very presence.

We can dial it down. We can evidence without absolutes. We can choose to connect into the hearts of our audiences by speaking from our own.

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