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Energetic Themees for Business 2022

To know where we are going, it helps to know where we have come from. As we draw to the end of 2021, it’s a time to reflect on what the year has brought us.

For me, the word that defines this year is “change”.

It’s been a year of review, revisiting, shifting and adapting. And that work is not done yet. But what we have experienced has been essential preparation for a very different energy in 2022.

2021 is a 5 year. 5 is the number of change.

2022 is a 6 year, a number associated with balance.

How are we going to transition from chaos to balance?

There are some core themes that will be showing up in life and business starting now and I will share what to expect and how to navigate this period in your business.

The energy of 2022 is transformative in that it is the embodiment of deep change. It is a year when we will put all that inner change into outer effect. Expect to see people pivoting, switching it up and bringing a different energy to what they are doing. This is the energy you will be moving with.

Core Themes for the Year


The core themes that will be making their mark this year begin with the concept of presence. Presence is linked to power. When you are in your centre of power it is possible to be fully present and bring the full bandwidth of your energy into expression. You are also able to stay true to yourself as you respond to what is happening around you. Presence brings confidence and strength to withstand all the pressures of life and stay in your own centre. In different ways, at different times we will learn more about our own power and presence in the coming year.


Restoration is a word that has recently burst onto the scene and restored itself to use!. Restoration is quite different to resetting, it is more nourishing and supportive. Resetting can be a harsh process, but restoration is holistic and all encompassing in its attention.

It feels as though the focus will be on the restoration of original blueprints, truths and energetic flows. In that process, our whole systems will be nourished. Restoration is a healing process but it may feel anything but healing when there is chaos all around you.

When the chaos hits, it will be important to turn your focus within. What is going on within? This is where you will find your truth and your compass to navigate the outer reality.

I suspect we will see some quite significant shifts and changes early in the year which we will spend much time working with as the year progresses.

Working in the Present

2022 will ask us to work with what we have in this moment. It’s a strong Earth energy of using the raw materials at your disposal to create what you really want to create. Resourcefulness, creativity, innovation are central to the opportunism of Earth energy and this is what you will be called upon to cultivate as you focus on creation of physical, tangible creations arising from the energy available to you.

Lack of Absolutes

Cut and dried. Clear cut. Black and white. These are phrases that litter our daily speech and, therefore, our expectations. But in the year ahead we are going to discover that there are no absolutes. What is true for me may well not be true for you.

We all have a unique perspective which influences what we see and how we react. No perspective is better or more true than another. There are no absolutes and we can continue with certainty in the absence of them. We can acknowledge and find a place for a point of view that is considerably different to our own in the absence of any expectation of absolute proof or truth. It will make us more compassionate and able to move forward along our own path.

We can come to see truth as dynamic. At a collective level there are many different perspectives that make the truth ever mutable. At an individual level our own truth is constantly evolving and becoming richer in understanding and detail. We are not fixed and we are capable of moving with the inevitable change.


The final overarching theme for 2022 that demanded space at the table is flow.

To flow, you have to let go.

Let go of attachments, expectations, requirements or whatever it is that makes you feel safe and secure. It is time to let go and allow the energy to take you.

Your vision of what your life would be like, what you wanted, what you expected can change. It is not absolute. You can allow it to take on an ever changing shape without losing its potency or desirability.

When you flow with the energy you can create with it. When you try to stay put, it will take all your energy to just stay still. Let go and your energy will be available to make the most of what you have available to you in the moment.

Going with the flow puts you in creation mode and that is the place you will need to be in the year ahead.

Flow neatly brings all the themes together and defines the energetic qualities of the year ahead.

Energetic Themes for Business in 2022


You probably have a lot of, fairly entrenched, views about what your business should be and should be doing for you. 2022 is going to challenge those views. It is going to ask you to be more dynamic in your expectations, it is going to ask you to be more in the moment and create what is needed at that time. It will ask you to lose attachments to things staying the same or conforming to a set expectation. Becoming more flexible and adaptable is a skill you will need to cultivate in 2022 so that you can move with the energies of the moment. You can steal a march on this process by working on these skills now to pave the way for a smoother ride through the year.
Forward planning is a skill set that we have been told over and over that we need to be successful in business. And we do need some degree of planning but you may need to change what that looks like. Instead of expecting to run a set activity at a set time, perhaps pencil in time to run something. It may well be that what you run changes several times between here and then. It’s ok to not know the detail, it is ok to operate without absolutes. Your business can still thrive.

Welcome Change

As we work to embody change, we will all need to nurture a perspective and response of welcoming change.

Change can be uncomfortable.

Certainty is reassuring. It makes sense at a primal level to resist change. We are being asked to become someone new in the process of embodying change. We may be asked to release situations or people that we are attached to. It isn’t comfortable but welcoming change as a demonstration of growth can make it feel easier.

Heal your Business

Your business has sustained trauma.

Everything you have tried that has not worked has created trauma. There is no business out there that has not experienced some degree of trauma. The energy body of your business has been impacted by every blueprint or piece of advice you have tried that was not designed to work with the energy body.

Energy needs to flow but ill-fitting advice and processes block the flow of energy. We will need to restore the flow in the year ahead to heal our businesses.

We will need to make space for this to happen and to remove all the causes of trauma for the future. It will challenge our ideas of what business should look like and take us into new territory. We will need to be present in the moment, responding to the energy in the moment to offer ourselves and our businesses what is needed when it is needed.

Come Back to the Core

Your essence and core energy, and that of your business, are the power behind your presence. In the coming years, not just 2022, this will be all that you need to guide you. This is the frequency that you need to tap into when you are creating.

Your core, your business’s core, is how you channel energy into physical form. Creation is not an intellectual process, it is an energetic one. Being able to work with this core energy will determine your ability to respond to the themes that will define business in 2022.


The capacity to create, to receive and to hold energy will be critical in 2022. The year will challenge your capacity on every level and that of your business. You will need to focus on and prioritise work to expand your capacity and maintain it.


Business must be resilient to negotiate periods of change. The freedom to flex and adapt builds resilience. Pushing down a path that you think you ought to be on will not help. Your ability to change what you are doing in the moment to respond to the energy is what matters.

Resilience is also focused on prescience. You have the understanding of what is over the horizon and you can work with your business to prepare for it. Maintaining the health of your business depends upon you actively looking to see what will be coming up and preparing for it.


The latter part of 2021 has seen a lot of confusion. Many have spent the whole year getting clarity on their focus only to see it fall away in the last weeks of the year. 2022 will bring clarity. Pieces will begin to drop into place and your understanding of the place and role of your business will deepen. Your ability to be in the moment and adapt your perspective because of these pieces will help you flow with the energy rather than fight it. Clarity will give you confidence to be more present and to share your business more widely.


Allowing all of this to land, to find its place and move into a new form will take space. It will mean consciously building in space to your daily flow to accommodate the dynamic changes.

Instead of rigid ideas of what it means to be working or what an active business looks like, it will help you to test out different ideas and perspectives around creativity and productivity.

It could mean allowing your business to play, to rest and to create according to its own rhythm. It will definitely mean cultivating activities and environments that let the life force of your business flow without interruption. Creating energetic structures that allow energy to move has been a theme of 2021 which will continue into 2022. Dismantling those rigid structures that block energy flow and creating the simplest of structures to hold the energy will be a key focus moving forwards.

We move into these new energies now and we are likely to feel some big shifts early on which we will work on settling and embedding through the year.

Business is going to change in the year ahead. There is a huge amount of pressure externally for this to happen because the collective frequency is changing. And there is a lot of internal pressure too, to find a form and way that fits the energy, empowers the expression and feels right.

We may not see the enormity of these changes until we have the benefit of hindsight. Holistic thinking is on the rise and it will challenge us to look beyond the immediacy of what we are creating to take in the collective impact of our work. This in itself will retune the way we approach business and bring it into alignment with the new frequencies.

You will find yourself self-referencing and self-resourcing more than ever before. By creating what is true for you, you will bring harmony and balance through genuine innovation.
Whilst all this sounds very intense, the feel of the energy is natural and easy. If you can go with the flow, you will find the freedom you crave. Seek and find the peace with the movement and flow of energy, focus on what is right and true in the moment and accept the change that is inevitable. These will be the business (and life) lessons of 2022.


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