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5 Ways to Embrace Change in your Business

The challenge with all change is that you don’t know what is possible until you try.

And you don’t know what to try because you don’t know what is possible.

Change takes you out of your frame of reference and lived experience. It casts you adrift.

It’s difficult to anchor into things that will create change if the direction or the form of that change isn’t clear yet. It’s also challenging to stay put because when you know that change is needed not responding is deeply uncomfortable.

Catch 22.

There is a fantastic interview with Daniel Schmachtenberger which explains this stalemate very eloquently but also shines a light on the hope that it can give. None of us can see what is possible because it isn’t visible from our vantage point and that means anything is possible. This concept has really helped me when I have hit those capacity thresholds where the next step is not clear.

Every step you take changes your viewpoint, which means that more opens up to you. Sometimes you just need someone to suggest a step to get things moving; which prompted me to share 5 things you can do now to prepare your business for change and support yourself to navigate it smoothly.

1 Change your working pattern and practices

Experiment with different ways to do different tasks. There is so much creativity required in business that you can get a lot done in new ways. It could be trying a new app or dictating a blog on the move, for example. The goal is to see if you can find ways of working that prove to be better suited to you.

2 Play Devil’s advocate

Your default position with most change will be to find a reason why it can’t work, so don a different hat and challenge yourself to find why it cannot fail. Your perception of what can or cannot work is through the current limits and boundaries you experience. But you are absolutely free to change these at any time. Welcoming change is nothing more than a shift of perception.

3 Engage skills and interests from outside your business inside your business

Do you enjoy cooking because it’s a way to switch off? Whatever your activity of choice, you have developed skills that bring out a different side of you. Nurture this side of you inside your business to discover a more rounded approach to every situation.

4 Change who am I? into who I am!

Change always prods and pokes our insecurities and our first instinct is to duck back into our shells for safety. One of the biggest insecurities we all face is whether or not we are good enough for the task at hand. Find evidence of your ability and capability to walk this path with strength and confidence – it’s there, right in front of you.

5 Engage your intuition in problem-solving

When a problem or challenge rear up in front of you, resist the temptation to go into doing mode. Taking action makes us feel a bit better but it isn’t solving the challenge. Instead give yourself permission to stop and listen to your intuition to access a more profound and lasting solution (that will probably surprise you by its creativity and unexpected turns).

Deep, transformative change is calling us in every aspect of life at this time. Fundamental shifts are critical for our future, we will only find balance again by allowing change to be felt and explored. Your business is your playground for change. You have total freedom that is just a small step away from where you are now.

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