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We have many notions about our working lives that we may not see, let alone question.

The businesses of the future will look radically different and it is time to start to challenge all the notions and presumptions that accompany us as we move through our working day.

One of the most debilitating beliefs is around how we set aside time to work on our businesses.

There is an assumption that we must stop and focus solely on this, we must put away the rest of our lives and focus exclusively.

Sometimes this is needed. Most of the time this creates a level of sterility that stops business growth in its tracks.

All learning and growth evolve from experience. So why not invite your business to travel with you through your day instead? Invite it to experience your day and share in the enrichment of interaction.

Business is expression, it needs interaction to come to life and to be received in the world. The simple act of making space for your business to move with you will completely transform your experience of working with it.

The 9 – 5 model has always assumed that when we get up from our chairs our working life is put aside. We know that is a long way from the truth. Far too many people carry the stresses and strains of business with them into the rest of their lives. As a business owner it is so easy to become subsumed by your business, especially when it is driven by a deep passion.

Ironically consciously taking your business with you as you move about your day is far less of a burden simply because you are choosing to experience your business is a different way. It becomes about learning and growing organically rather than the pushing and dictating the course of growth. Of course, boundaries are critical. When you want to return to you, it is important to disconnect. Otherwise, you will assume that every experience you have is related to your business, when it is more likely an experience for your personal growth instead.

Bringing dynamic qualities into your way of working is one of the most powerful challenges we can make to our existing notions and practices. You can work with and on your business wherever and whenever. The thoughts, the inspiration, the strokes of genius come not when you plan for them to happen but when the time is right for them to find you. It won’t happen when you are bound to your desk, so take your business for a walk, take it out to do some gardening, go see a friend. Do whatever it takes to redefine your notion of working and be open to the magic that will follow.

How are businesses changing and what can you do to prepare?

This video and more are available on my YouTube channel to help you steer your business through.


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