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Hiding Behind your Business

I have always been introverted and when I was younger painfully shy.

My first career job made me tackle this head on. I had to meet complete strangers and strike up conversation, build a bond, get to know them. It was everything that made me uncomfortable.

You would have thought I had nowhere to hide, but I found a way. I created a mask, my business face, that meant I could do what I needed to do whilst protecting myself.

Gradually it slipped. Eventually I put it away. I grew enough in myself and my confidence to meet people as me.

When I made the leap into working in my own business, it was tempting to get that mask out again. Starting your own business is a sure-fire way to make you feel every vulnerability you have and send out neon signs advertising them.

I was so conscious of the risk of putting on my business face when feeling so vulnerable that I managed to keep it at bay in the early days.

When I took a diversion from the normal routes and discovered business energy work I also discovered a way to hide again.

I love the energy of my business. It’s everything I don’t feel I am and it really lights me up.

It’s big, bold and extroverted.

It’s an energy I can share happily with anyone and everyone. But that isn’t enough. Because business energy is activated by the entrepreneur who leads it.
Business energy that is out there in the world on its own can be picked up by anyone and integrated into their work. It’s really easy to absorb. It gets appropriated (much to your irritation) and you can lose faith in your path all too easily.

What every business needs is energetic leadership.

Which comes from alchemy.

Combine your business energy with your energy and you have something that is inimitable. It can’t be absorbed or appropriated because the signature is a collaboration of two energy streams. The one does not exist fully without the other and that means it is available only to be experienced by those who need it. It attracts those who are activated by the combination and synergy of energies, it is felt by them. It empowers your business to expand, through you and with you. It empowers you to expand and evolve through your business and with your business.

To share your energy in alchemy with another is an act of self-belief and acknowledgement of your inherent worth. Delivering change in this way means knowing your worth and being prepared to share all of you. There is no hiding. It simply isn’t an option.

As scary as that may sound, collaborating with your business in this way is far easier than hiding behind its energy. It’s hard to adopt a different energy day in day out to communicate with the world; ultimately it diminishes your energy. Alchemy, on the other hand, is nourishing and what is nourished can only grow.

Create the space to collaborate with your business with one to one mentoring for business expansion.

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