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Division and Unity in Business Ethics

If you are selling the status quo, you are selling the fear of change.

If you are selling change, you are selling fear of the status quo.

The last few years have brought into stark relief the extent to which both sides of any debate have peddled fear to sell hope.

The worst-case scenario has become the central plank of any debate and the opportunity to occupy the middle ground has been denied.

The constant state of fear means that most people will bypass critical thinking because in the chaos that fear creates, peace and hope are too attractive to stop and assess.

Fear dictates behaviour.

Create enough of it and you can simply hint at the solution for people to jump at it.

Having “right on your side” is never a ticket to use fear to manipulate behaviour. The ends are not justified by the means. How we get to our destination is as important as getting there.

Fear is the great divider – the more present it is the more it divides because we all want and need to react differently in the face of fear.

Compassion and unity depend upon us not using fear to further our agendas. We cannot evolve the role of business in society until we stop favouring fear as a tool of control. Winning hearts and minds happens through transparency, honesty and integrity.

Our true reactions and responses to any situation are found in a state of balance.

All of which could be applied to any of our dominant social, economic, political or environmental themes.

Even our relationships.

For the last few years, I have been ringing the bell on how this plays out in the world of business and how we can choose a different path.

There is no need to use fear to drive customer behaviour.

There is hope, there is always hope but we are not required to push people towards it to validate our chosen path. We can consciously choose to empower people to make decisions from a place of balanced perspective.

It’s a radical suggestion because it will inevitably bring out the transformation of the business world which will cascade throughout our social, economic and political structures.
If we are empowered to make choices that are right for us and not the ones that are expected or required, this will create more equity and respect in the world. Our collective relationships will shift and the dominant narratives will follow.

Business never was about making money, it has always been about changing the world, which makes your decision to become an entrepreneur globally significant and your choice to follow your own ethos life-changing for us all.

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