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July to September 2021 Energetic Themes for Business

The theme for this quarter is preparing for and moving into transformation. It is a period of emergence into self that comes with rising fire energy.

It is rich in the energy of the year and is accompanied by the colours of the year – midnight blue and silvery gold light. It will take you deep into the energy of the year and the transformation energy that is being experienced and available to you.

The energy brings strong emotional release – it is strong, decided, centred and capable and ready to make decisions that are needed.

It is centred in power and the realisation of your power as you come into it. There are no restraints.

In this quarter, something will set off a chain reaction. It will not be hurried, it will be steady. Something (most likely small) will catalyse a series of events that will change the playing field completely for you and your business.

The moment that sets off this flow of change will stick in your memory. It is the splash that characterises this year – the moment of impact that is sealed in our memories. It may not be a massive epiphany but there is no denying its power in the moment.

As this one thing shifts and moves into embodied change, it will catalyse a phase shift or cascade of transformation, a realisation of self and a decision to be that person.

For business, an opportunity/situation will appear that will change the trajectory/focus/speed or application of your business.

The energy will call a deeper level of expression forth. You will be asked/called to go deeper into it.

You will need to stand firm and draw your own line in the sand. You will be asked to know your own power.

You will be asked to bring light and hope.

This quarter will bring clarity and intention and you will receive confirmation/validation that you are moving in the right direction and making the right choices.

There will likely be a core shift in how you see your business. The focus may well move onto your role and contribution over your financial performance.

As a side note to this quarter, a very clear message was coming through that money is a secondary issue and you should just assume that it will flow. You will have expectations for money, a threshold that is linked to worth and limits on what you believe you can receive. There will be beliefs and behaviours that are in the way of you choosing to assume that money will be/is there.

If the energy of action/focus/intent is attuned to your core, money will flow. Focus on your intent, the energy of action and presence you hold. Be that and know. Money flow is not contingent upon anything. Business and money are connected but not mutually dependent. Your business’s job is not to make money it is to fulfil its purpose. The entanglement of financial performance with soul action brings confusion and stops the flow.

Feel and be guided by the upwelling within.

There will be a strong sense of losing your shackles in this quarter and learning to live without them. The falling away will bring a shift of experience, a change in perception and lived experience as life without shackles is accepted and becomes normal.

When the shackles come off, they cannot go back on again. Inititally you will notice that they are missing and it will feel odd but you will adjust rapidly.

That moment that triggers this energy of change and transformation will be when the shackles drop. It may be a realisation, a change of perception, a line in the sand you cannot cross, a physical event, a change in a relationship… this moment of change can take any form. However small it is, it will set off a chain of events that lead to big change. This quarter will create the space and opportunity for you and your business to explore and come to terms with this change, to accept your own power and to work with it.

Business will come into itself, its voice, presence and maturity through being guided by the energies at its heart rather than the energies without. Finding the centre and learning to hold it will emerge as we move through the quarter.

There will be a deep energetic release and once it begins there is no turning back.


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