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Manifesto for Conscious Business

Our businesses are a reflection of our economic structures.

Chasing the money to validate success is a reflection of how we measure socio-economic health.

You probably don't like it one bit.

You probably don't want your business to be cast in that mould.

Do we have to wait for the macroeconomic world to shift to change how we do business?

Or can we start the shift by changing how we do business now?

I believe we have the power.

We get to choose to see things differently. To do things differently.

We can consciously choose to put purpose over profit.

We can consciously choose to put ethics ahead of growth.

We can choose to create a different kind of expansion and wealth in the world. We can choose to value people, environment, community in all that we do and allow our businesses to find strength and growth in new ways.

We can rip up the rule book and change the world by the way we choose to be.

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