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The Art of Receiving Blog Post

When you work on, in or with your business, there are 3 streams of energy at work.

Yours, your business and the alchemy between you.

If you choose to work through your own energy, then your business is denied expression.

If you choose to subsume yourself within your business energy, then you are denied expression.

Choosing to collaborate with your business so that both energy streams are given conscious expression is where the magic is at.

But, when you show up to work with your business you will do so with every "imperfection" you have and they will be reflected in how your business operates and where it gets stuck.

Which makes your business an incredible ally in helping you to grow and do the inner work that supports expansion.

Our normal reaction to a leaky funnel, for the sake of argument, would be to look at the detail of communications and where the drop-offs happen. This is a strategy that will work to an extent but it won't get to the heart of the issue.

Drop-offs happen because of energetic breaks.

Energetic breaks come from us and the areas that we are still working on. So when an aspect of your business isn't working as you want it to, a better strategy is to look at where the pattern originates with you.

Some reflection on your life will show that there are patterns at play and these are simply be reflected back to you by your business. Once you see the pattern, you can move beyond it and expand your business too.

The most common root cause is discomfort around receiving or more likely a specific aspect of receiving that presses a button somewhere in your subconscious.

If there is an area of your business that is getting you frustrated, travel to the root of the issue. May's meditation is a simple technique to extend your energy of expression and receive the returning energy more easily. Listen to the Art of Receiving here. 

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