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Letting Go of Expectation

Without a doubt, the prevailing theme is to stop pushing and start allowing.

But what does that even mean?

My own experience with this had me tied up in knots a few years back. I could not wrap my mind around what it took to "let go" and "flow".

And therein lay the problem. Trying to use my mind to unravel it out was never going to work which was a lesson I had to learn the hard way.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the biggest barrier is your mental realm. It will be busy telling you to do this and that, to keep busy, to follow a strict path. There will be very little room for manoeuvre in practice. Even if you are consciously and proactively working intuitively, your mind will still be stepping in and stopping the flow.

That might look like you have a wave of inspiration that you then earnestly work out how to implement using the tools you have always used.

It might look like you frantically working up the details but never feeling truly connected to how it is shaping up.

It might look like you setting absolute expectations of how and when something will happen with no space for an alternative outcome.

Letting go is letting go of the expectation that it has to look like anything. Flowing is allowing the inspiration to take its own form.

Invariably that form is already there. it's simple and elegant but your mind will be telling you that it has to be more complicated. How could you possibly take your work out to the world without launches, sales pages, endless webinars, countdown timers and deadlines.

How could you?

Because you can.

All of the trappings of modern business are the result of mental constructs and psychology and consumer behaviour.

None of them is about how people function on a soul level.

Honestly, that defies all the behavioural expectations. If you can trust someone to listen to their inner voice (and critically, in business, make it possible for them to do that) then nothing needs to be complicated. A simple email may be all that you need to share your inspiration with the world and let it do its thing. A simple conversation may do the work of a thousand launches, so why should it have to be more complicated.

It's about being available to the experience. And that starts with you, not with how.

One of the biggest shifts in my own business happened when I made the decision to run my programmes no matter how many people signed up for them and to give them the same level of energy no matter what the "result". For me, that also meant if no one signed up. I chose to be available to my own soul expression and it ceased to be about how many or how much.

It's unsurprising on an energetic level that this was the point at which more people began to engage with my work. On a logical level it makes no sense at all. But I stopped pushing and started allowing.

For you, that will look different but there will be areas of your business where you are pushing and pushing. All this is doing is pushing what you want away. Working energetically is making yourself available, making your work available, making your energy available to those who want to move toward it. Far from hustling or pushing, that can only happen when you exhale and let go.

Often this means letting go of worrying about whether or not anyone will pay to work with you. It definitely means letting go of worrying about the value or worth of your work.
It means embracing your work, valuing your work and trusting that others will value it too.

When you let go of expectation, then the shifts happen.

It's not easy. It takes a lot of courage to let go in this way.

It's not comfortable because it is a rewriting of your identity and your connection to the collective.

Why walk an uncomfortable and challenging path? There are plenty of easier routes out there.

But then, when you know it is time, you know there is no other option.


Letting Go

A guided meditation to support the dropping away of thoughts and beliefs that no longer have a place in your world is free to listen here. 

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