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Why does business have to be complicated?

As most businesses have evolved to include or exist exclusively in the online space, the number of moving parts that have to be managed has exploded.

It has become so complicated that every bit of energy is focused on how a business operates not why.

It is disconnecting us from the reason we are entrepreneurs. It’s time for a declutter.

Entrepreneurs burning out left, right and centre is a pretty good indication that we aren’t in a good place in the business world.

It’s not just that there is this pernicious and pervasive belief that we have to go all in and dedicate 70 hour weeks to our success and, ironically, happiness. The owner of the smallest business would pale if they stopped to consider just how many things they need to juggle.

Automation, funnels, launches, flash sales, content ecosystems, squeeze pages, sales pipelines, landing pages, tripwires, CRM’s, tools and more tools. Expectations and more expectations.

Do we really need all this? I say no. We don’t,

I say that the simpler the business the more effective it can be.

I say that we have adopted strings of beliefs about what must be done and most of it is unnecessary or actually damaging.

Business depends upon creativity and creativity cannot function effectively if there is no space for it to happen on its own terms.

We have over-engineered businesses to the point that it is becoming impossible to creatively respond to opportunity.

It’s time to travel light in the world of business.

Any business will benefit from a major streamlining of activities and communication streams. The less you have, the more you can focus on making them work.

The kickback that normally comes after this idea is planted is that if you aren’t present you will miss out on opportunity. But the reverse is actually true. By being present everywhere you cannot go deep enough to recognise the opportunities available to you. Simplifying what you do, how and where means that you can get more from what you do. In short you get more by doing less (and doing it better).

There are two aspects of simplification that will benefit every business.

The first is pull your energy back in. It is scattered. You are having to direct energy in so many different directions you will be losing your centre.

The second is to challenge every belief that you must, ought or should be doing something. Most of those beliefs are illusions.

You don’t need to launch.
You don’t need an opt in.
You don’t need a mailing list.
You don’t need to be on social media.
You don’t need a website.

You can run a wildly successful business without any or all of these things. What matters is identifying the right activities for you in their simplest form.

If conversation is fundamentally your most effective business growth tool then focus on having the right conversations in the right places. Your development strategy can be incredibly simple, hugely creative and totally unconventional as long as it remains focused on what gets results.

There is typically one business development activity that is head and shoulders above any others. This is because it is energetically attuned to your business. Dropping into the energy of your business is the quickest way to cut through all the clutter and find your golden bullet.

Within the resonance of this energy are all the clues and insights you need to identify your streamlined focus. The energy will show you how to travel light in your business.

Your business has a big job to do in the world. It needs to be lean, agile not weighed down with endless systems and demands that drain its energy. The simplest solutions are the ones that will create the biggest impact.

Drop into the energy and get decluttering with The Minimalist Business – a free workshop with practical tips for physically and energetically simplifying your business to create the space you need to make a big impact. Register here to receive the workshop link.

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