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Attuned Planning

Whether you love creating plans or choose to give them a wide berth, some degree of planning is valuable for your business.

Personally, I like to plan loosely, following themes and broad ideas rather than specific details. This gives me what I need to follow it rather than feel suffocated by it. 

But then my personal creative energy is defined by air, which likes its freedom. 

I have learnt that for my creative energy to be effective in my business, it needs an energetic structure to work through. And so the plan finds its role!

Plans are energetic structures that let the energy flow. Like a river needs banks to flow downstream to the sea, energy needs to be channelled to its desired outcome and a plan is exactly that. 


Your odds of creating a plan that works for you can be dramatically increased by supporting the elemental energy of your expression. 


For example, earth energy is seeking structure and detail. Air energy is seeking freedom of choice. Fire energy is seeking the space and opportunity to share and water energy the space to resource itself. 


Plans do not have to follow a defined format – ever. No two energies are the same, they need different energetic structures to hold them. So give yourself the freedom to plan in a way that works for you and brings your elemental expression to the fore. 


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