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Energetic Invitation

Marketing is a question of choice.

You can choose to invite people into your world.
You can invite yourself into theirs.

The overwhelming majority of marketing strategies and tactics you will have come into contact with or even used are design to invite yourself into someone else’s world - sometimes politely, sometimes by sticking a toe in the door.

Increasingly entrepreneurs are choosing to move away from this model through the understanding that this is not the path of soul integrity.

For me, conscious marketing is fundamentally about respect and honouring someone’s ability to make their own choices, in their own way and in their own time.

This is why I made the choice at the outset of my business to invite people into my world. It has taken a lot of reflection, experimentation and “failures” to find my own way to make this work. When the world of business is immersed in a different energy it is often challenging to trust a different way.

The piece that made all the difference was, and continues to be, energy.
The beauty of working energetically rather than mentally is the complete freedom it offers.

Energy is presence; a presence that needs to be expressed in very particular ways and attracts the people who are in tune with it. When you find your way of listening and responding, you release the energy to be felt the energy by those who are seeking it.

The invitation is issued.

And received.

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