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The Energy of Collaboration

We are moving into a time where the energy absolutely supports collaboration. Will we make the most of it?

We have a narrow definition of collaboration at the moment and we are not set up, at a collective level, to be collaborative.

Collaboration is often viewed through a very limited perspective in our external activities. But it always begins internally and how we respond to our experiences. 

Collaboration is synergy. It is an openness to change. It is an openness to challenge.

Societally, the predominant theme is to reject beliefs and opinions that differ from our own. We cannot be open to collaboration in this situation. Openness to other perspectives is the fundamental first step of moving into collaborative energy. 

The benefit of collaboration is the opportunity to grow and to increase capacity to create. By joining energies, the whole become greater than the sum of the parts. Collaboration unlocks aspects of ourselves that were previously hidden. It activates more of you and more of your capacity to respond and receive. It is a perfect positive feedback loop. Because the interaction of energies brings into the light what was previously unseen and makes possible what was seemingly impossible which in itself brings more to light and more possible.

The interaction of energies happens on many levels but it cannot happen externally until it can happen internally.

Activating your potential for collaboration happens the minute you open yourself up to your intuition and begin to consciously use it in life and business.

Using your intuition is a recognition and acceptance that you are more than the physical form you inhabit. Making space for it to function in your BEing is the essential first step you take on your awakening journey.

You are not just a brain. You are more than a body. You are energy. You are consciousness in form and motion. When you accept all the parts of you that make you more than you can see, you are able to step into collaborative energy.

Creation is collaboration in motion.

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