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Chaos and Evolution

Predictability in life may be a boredom factor you avoid as much as possible. 

But in business, it is often sought relentlessly.

Systems and routines that “simplify” and keep things running like clockwork are reassuring. They give us a sense of control and order.


Order comes from chaos and if everything exists in a permanent state of order, everything stays the same. We need a bit of “chaos” to create evolution.

Over-engineering business blocks the potential for growth, but loosening the reins a bit creates the capacity for it.

Structure does not need to be fixed, it can be dynamic. (Your own skeleton is a perfect example of a dynamic structure.) We can apply the same principles to business design so that the ability to create and adapt is part of the fabric of your business. I call this fluid structure and it is easier to create than logic might have you believe.

“The way it has always been done” is often cited as a reason for not changing, but even when it isn’t consciously said it can be determining what is going on behind the scenes. The energy to make change when it is in the mix massively exceeds the energy of the change itself.

This is why I choose to use a blank slate approach to business design. When we let go of the idea that anything in our business is essential, it creates the space to see what will help the energy flow. Preconceived notions and attachments go out of the window to leave you space to create in your business, so that you can create through your business. Get in touch if you would like to know more. 

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