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Signalling not Selling

Aggressive sales and marketing tactics are so much a part of our social and cultural awareness now that they are rarely questioned.

The harder you push the more you control the outcome.

It is how you grow business on your terms. Set the agenda, control the behaviour, create the growth.

This is the underpinning belief system in business. 

When you shift from an intellectual frameset in business to an intuitive, energetic one, none of this makes sense anymore. Pushing and controlling the outcome

is totally at odds with the energy.

It distorts your energy because it takes you out of your role of creator and into a role of manipulator. It will run against all your inner work and create huge friction for you.

It also hugely distorts the responses people make to your presence. Rather than catalysing and activating a response in the right people, buttons are pressed that activate people who are not the right fit or not quite ready. The end result is an experience that doesn’t work for either of you.

On an energetic level, presence is itself the catalyst for action. Uninterrupted and undistorted energy creates a response in others that brings them naturally to their next step. There is no need to push. Signalling is all that is needed.

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