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The Visibility Guilt Trip

The other day a video ad popped into my Facebook feed that made my heart sink.

It showed someone head in hands despair because they had forgotten to post on social media.

It was, of course, offering the solution of hundreds of off the shelf, engagement guaranteed ideas for posts.

Not posting. Not being visible. Day in day out. It is the greatest cardinal sin of the online business era.

How utterly depressing.

This guilt-laden pressure gig to be visible, because that's the only way your business will grow, has to stop.

Content created for the sake of being visible is full of that heavy energy of should and must. It doesn't engage or captivate.

It leaves you invisible.

On the other hand, we have all experienced someone who has walked into the room and pretty much every head has snapped round because their presence was so palpable it commanded attention. Even after they are gone, the energy still hangs in the air.

Holding presence is powerful and long-lasting. Visibility is transient.

Chasing visibility in your business puts you on that hamster wheel of constantly having to work to maintain it. Presence gives you the space to show up on your own terms and know that your audience will be there.

Presence comes from attunement to your core energy. Core energy makes itself known as we progress through life but, for the most part, it is masked by the rubbish we have taken on board through our lives, like beliefs that we need to be visible as an example.

Who has the time? We have a lot to do in this life we have been given.

Accessing core energy is what I offer my clients so they can feel the presence their business is calling into being. It lets them sidestep guilt and pressure. They get to show up on their own terms, be their presence and change the world.

This is the first layer of Business Energetics that I cover in my work with clients.  It is just one part of one core area that we explore bringing the pure energy of your business into a uniquely designed and delivered form that brings transformation to the world.

You may have been ducking the call to up the ante with your business but it is getting harder and harder to ignore. If you are ready to respond to the call, get in touch to talk it through.

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