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Riotous Earth

Our most potent connection to our innate power as humans and beyond is the extraordinary energy of earth.

Our connection to earth, physically and energetically, has been steadily eroded over time and this has picked up pace in recent history.

This erosion of our innate understanding of the beating heart of our physical and spiritual existence has left us collectively poor and a shadow of what we could be.

But the tide has turned.

The connection to earth is returning and there are many tasked with the reawakening.

Part of this remembrance is evident in the increasing numbers of earth energy businesses being birthed. Often those discovering the earth energy that holds sway in their businesses are disappointed, feeling that it is a little mundane or lacking in excitement.

Earth energy is manifested in the earth we stand upon but its origins are much deeper and more potent than we can verify with our physical senses. It is far from mundane. Earth energy is the first step into form. It is unlimited and free to not only choose the path but to create it.

Earth energy is the great creator. It is the genesis and the catalyst of bringing energy into form. It does so with flair, diversity, innovation and sublime imagination.

The manifestation of earth energy in the extraordinary diversity of life is merely a clue to what is possible. Frankly, we haven’t seen anything yet.

Earth energy businesses will be birthing the new paradigms of life across the spectrum. They will be creating, responding, bringing forth what only exists outside of our awareness at this time.

Earth energy is extraordinary and awe-inspiring. It brings forward what is needed to create balance in the world and to benefit the whole. Earth energy will bring us unprecedented change and hope.

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